Anushka attempts to save Amma ji’s life in Laado 2


Anushka takes Amma ji to the hospital. She asks nurse to admit Amma ji without wasting any time, she is fighting with life and death. She shouts for any doctor to attend her. Yuvraaj gets Balwant for treatment. He gets the doctor for his uncle’s operation. Nurse tells Anushka that this is not an ordinary hospital, Balwant is the founder of the hospital and Amma ji can’t get treated in his hospital. She tells the reason why the hospital staff is not cooperating with her.

She says you are Amma ji’s grand daughter, Amma ji is his enemy, don’t waste time and leave from here. Anushka fails to get help. Saroja says we will take her to some other hospital. Anushka says there is no hospital nearby, we can’t take her. She talks to her friend and takes help from her dad, who is part of the dean. Amma ji gets treated in ICU. Anushka prays that Amma ji survives. Amma ji battles for her life.


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