Ahana on verge of realizing real happiness in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara


Ahana informs Laila about Saloni and Tarun’s baby. Laila gets glad. Laila hides the letter, but Roshni gets to see it. Yamini prepares Anant’s favorite dish to care for him. She tells Roshni that Anant has given her the precious gift, which gave her much happiness. Rehaan and Ahana leave for home. They spend some good time on the way home. Rehaan’s cuteness makes her smile. Their bond grows stronger. Ahana sits under the sky and gets philosophical. They want to celebrate their happiness with the sky. Rehaan and Ahana recall the moment that changed their relation into a beautiful one. Ahana thanks him for giving her a reason to live and laugh. She gives him the credit for giving her new hopes.

Ahana doesn’t decide to take any stand on her friendship with Rehaan. She is happy the way it is. Laila learns about Vyoma’s letter. She gets to know Rehaan and Ahana’s growing friendship. She doesn’t want Anant to know anything. She writes a letter to replace Vyoma’s letter. She doesn’t let anything affect Ahana and Anant’s marriage.

Laila confronts Ahana about her sudden friendship with Rehaan. She asks her to focus on her marriage. She doubts that Ahana is in love with Rehaan. She warns Ahana against proceeding in the wrong direction. She tells her that Vyoma has tried to inform Anant about Rehaan and her. She asks her to patch up with Anant. She tells Ahana that she has to control her emotions and realize the reality. She asks Ahana to avoid Rehaan. Ahana learns about Anant’s gift for Yamini. Anant denies of gifting the same pendant to Yamini. Rehaan scolds Roshni for planning against Ahana. Roshni confronts Rehaan for his feelings for Ahana. Ahana gets in dilemma over her feelings for Rehaan, who always gives her happiness by his efforts.


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