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Laado 2: Anushka and Yuvraaj oppose each other. They are trying their best to save Amma ji and Balwant respectively. Anushka wishes Amma ji gets fine. She tells Saroja that Amma ji is a fighter, she will come back from the dead. She says no one has helped us in Veerpur. She learns Amma ji is getting critical. Anushka runs to see Amma ji in the ICU. Rantej realizes his crimes. He feels Balwant is facing this day because of him. Tai ji tells him that Balwant is in this state today, he shouldn’t forget this and punish Anushka. She provokes him more by a wrong teaching. Rantej doesn’t want to lose Balwant.


Veer’s aide robs Shivay’s house and gets the important password. She shuts the cupboard. Some box falls over her head. She faints by the hit. Tej worries seeing her unconscious. Tej steals the secret and deletes his number from her phone. He wakes her up and sends her away. Tej is also playing a game with Shivay. Shivay is worried after someone attacks on his construction site. He doesn’t tell Anika about the new problem. He doesn’t want the family’s happiness to get down. Shivay has all the responsibilities of Rudra and Bhavya’s marriage. He tries to arrange money.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Mandira plays another trick. Anant wants to shift to another city with Mandira. She isn’t happy with Anant’s decision. She doesn’t want to get away from Vijay. She tries to stop Anant. She tells Anant that she has thrown a party for his political venture. Mandira invites Vijay and Bulbul in the party. Mandira asks Bulbul to make Vijay hate her so that he can come back to his true love. She tells Bulbul that she should humiliate Vijay. Bulbul acts to get drunk and embarrasses Vijay. Mandira wants Bulbul to leave from Vijay’s love forever. Gayatri wishes Mandira was her Bhabhi. She says Vijay would be ashamed that Bulbul is his wife, she is not good compared to Mandira. She praises Mandira, while taunting Bulbul.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:
Adhiraj confesses his love to Anami. Anami is worried for Adhiraj’s sentiments. She doesn’t want to refuse to him. She hasn’t realized her feelings for Adhiraj. She can’t believe Adhiraj loves her. She doesn’t know how to deal with the sudden changes in her life. Anami gets stressed. She doesn’t know she too wants Adhiraj in her life. Anami hides the matter from Dadi and Satrupa. Satrupa tells Anami that she always reminds her about Vatsalya.

Harak got cheated by Mohini. He gets heart broken. He hates himself for believing Mohini. He gets angry and wants to burn everything around. He ruins his room. He can’t believe he has fallen so low to ditch Preeto for Mohini. His brother explains him that its good they got to know Mohini’s truth and she has gone away without duping them much. Harak acts strong. He tells his brother that he is not a youngster to get mad after some girl, he isn’t affected by Mohini’s cheat. He gets drunk. He regrets for his mistake. He tries to bond with Preeto, while she avoids him. Harman and Soumya want to bring Harak and Preeto together.

Vidyut and his goons invade Neil’s house and spoil Neil and Avni’s happiness. The family gets tensed when the goons attack them. The goons target Avni. Avni doesn’t get scared and encourages the family to fight back. She beats the goons. She doesn’t want Vidyut to win again. The goon shoots at her leg. Neil saves Shweta from Vidyut. He gets angry on Vidyut. Goon tries to kidnap Avni, while Neil is busy saving his family. Avni protects herself. She doesn’t care for her life, and tries to save Mishti. Avni reaches Mishti and DD. She sends a message for Neil. Neela gets shot. Neela will be leaving the family forever. Vidyut will snatch Avni’s mum, as Avni and Neil had snatched his mum by their tricks.

Piyaa Albela:
Pooja cheers Dada ji and Chandrika. She is crossing all the tough challenges to protect Naren. She is returning to Vyas mansion after much time. She learns the shocking development, that a couple has arrived home and claims to be Naren’s biological parents. Naren doesn’t understand how to accept the big truth. He just considers Harish and Supriya as his parents. Pooja understands Naina has planted the couple to take advantage of Chandrika’s truth. Pooja is going to Vyas mansion to know Naina’s plans. She wants to limit Naina from creating misunderstandings between Naren and her. She wants to know who has attacked Supriya and framed Chandrika. She doubts that Mayank has died by someone’s plotting, who made his murder look like an accident. She wants to solve all the mysteries. She has to expose the fake couple acting as Naren’s real parents. She also aims to normalize Naren into an emotional and good hearted person.


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