Ishqbaaz: Soumya’s iniquitous intentions to surface


Oberois keep a puja at home. They begin Rudra’s marriage preparations with Maha Laxmi puja. They want everyone to get Lord’s blessings. Rudra asks them the significance of the prayers. Anika explains Rudra that Bhavya’s shagun should be kept near the idol first. Shivay and Omkara tease Rudra. Shivay keeps the shagun coin near the idol and prays for a prosperous life for Rudra and Bhavya. He wants his family to be happy. He tells them that Dadi has given this coin to him, it actually belongs to Dada ji, who started his flourishing business with this shagun. He says Dada ji has earned much profit from this lucky coin and then our family gained much prosperity.

Veer’s aide robs Shivay’s house and gets the important password. She shuts the cupboard. Some box falls over her head. She faints by the hit. Tej worries seeing her unconscious. Tej steals the secret and deletes his number from her phone. He wakes her up and sends her away. Tej is also playing a game with Shivay. Shivay is worried after someone attacks on his construction site. He doesn’t tell Anika about the new problem. He doesn’t want the family’s happiness to get down. Shivay has all the responsibilities of Rudra and Bhavya’s marriage. He tries to arrange money.

He wants to get his money from insurance money. He wants to fulfill everyone’s wish. He claims the insurance money after the fire incident at the site. He wants the funds to manage expenses. Anika hears his conversation and asks the problem. He tells her that he needs funds as there is a marriage at home. He doesn’t reveal anything else. Anika asks him to check the arrangements once. Soumya tries to get Shivay’s phone, by getting him occupied by some kids. Shivay stops Soumya from taking his phone and asks her to come for the selfie. Soumya hides her intentions from Shivika. Soumya looks sweet and caring, but now her shady side will be seen. Soumya is helping Tej, Veer and Shwetlana into ruining Shivay.


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