Mehul takes a stand for Susheel in Ikyawann


Susheel’s behavior in the ritual gets her scolding. Dada ji tells Susheel that Leela would have known the entire thing, and she would call anytime to end the alliance. He says this marriage will be called off, Sejal would have said everything to Leela, mental people don’t get married, they land in the asylum. He calls Susheel mad. He scolds Susheel and asks her to forget marrying Satya. Mehul and her uncles take a stand for Susheel and believe her. They tell Dada ji that they will never leave support. Susheel tells them that she is not lying, she is saying truth, she has no proof but she has seen those things.

Dada ji tells her the reason is that she has gone mad. He asks her not to say a word now. He tells her that she is making them mad, they have killed themselves to give her a life. He tells Susheel what sacrifices they made for her. He says its good your mum is not here to see this day. Mehul gets angry on Dada ji. He tells him that he has no right to talk like this with his daughter. He can’t hear a word against Susheel. She is getting trapped by Leela’s planning.


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