Shakti: Harak regrets to cheat Preeto


Harak got cheated by Mohini. He gets heart broken. He hates himself for believing Mohini. He gets angry and wants to burn everything around. He ruins his room. He can’t believe he has fallen so low to ditch Preeto for Mohini. His brother explains him that its good they got to know Mohini’s truth and she has gone away without duping them much. Harak acts strong. He tells his brother that he is not a youngster to get mad after some girl, he isn’t affected by Mohini’s cheat. He gets drunk. He regrets for his mistake. He tries to bond with Preeto, while she avoids him. Harman and Soumya want to bring Harak and Preeto together.

Harak has rejected true love of Preeto. He can’t deal with a cheat in love by Mohini. Preeto doesn’t forgive him easily. Harak loses his life companion by his foolish mistakes. Soumya tells Harman that they should emotionally support Harak to bring him out of this depressed state.

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