Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara: Laila warns Ahana against cheating Anant


Ahana doesn’t tell Anant about Gupta’s humiliation move. She confides with Rehaan. She tells him how Gupta has humiliated her at the cafe and threatened to ruin her and Laila. Rehaan asks her not to worry about Gupta. He tells her that he will always protect her. Rehaan and Ahana have a sweet moment. Ahana believes him more than Anant. Anant then surprises Ahana with his special gift. He makes her wear the pendant, and promises to always keep their love strong. He tells her that he will make everything fine between them and not compel her to put in efforts. Ahana thanks him.

Saloni informs Tarun about her labor. Tarun rushes to Saloni and gets her to hospital. Doctor tells Tarun that he can expect the baby anytime soon. Ahana and Laila receive the news and rush to hospital to welcome Saloni’s baby. Vyoma’s letter for Anant reaches home. Roshni tries to read it, while Laila stops her. She thinks to read it before Anant does. Roshni stops Laila from reading the letter. They both teach ethics to each other and get curious to know the letter’s sender and contents. Laila fears the letter can create a new trouble for Ahana, which she doesn’t wish to happen.

Roshni hinders her plans to reach the letter. Saloni and Tarun welcome their child in the world. Everyone congratulates Saloni for her son. Rekha meets them to see her grandson. She requests Gupta to end all the annoyances and come to bless his grandson. She asks him to accept Tarun’s child into the family. Gupta doesn’t end his ill feelings. Laila reaches Anant’s workshop and reads Vyoma’s letter, where Vyoma reveals about Ahana and Rehaan’s growing bond. Laila gets upset reading the letter and tears it. She warns Ahana against cheating Anant.



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