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Woh Apna Sa: Arjun and Jia’s haldi ceremony brings a twist. Kakimaa applies the shagun haldi to them. A woman enters the house by concealing her identity. Jia gets suspicious about her. Kakimaa sends Jia to prepare for next rituals. The elders keep a puja for Arjun and Jia’s new life. Arjun and Jia are happy to start their new life. Jia is scared of Nisha. She doesn’t want Nisha to ruin their happiness.

Vidyut gets hell bent to take revenge from Neil. He couldn’t control his obsession for Avni, which made him all in the big trouble. He vows to destroy Neil’s life. Vidyut reaches Neil’s house. He overhears some men talking about Rocky’s photo shoot happening. Vidyut disguises himself as a photographer. He enters the celebrations to break out a havoc. Avni and Neil enjoy their love assurances, when they find Vidyut in their house.


Piyaa Albela:

Pooja gets ready and applies the sindoor. She got another chance to return to Vyas mansion. She wants to know the motives of the couple faking to be Naren’s parents. She will expose Naina’s intentions to Vyas family. Dada ji and Chandrika bless her.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

Adhiraj is Anami’s best friend. She never thought he will confess love to her. Adhiraj confesses love. He tells her that she is his life and he wants to spend his life with. Adhiraj can’t live without Anami. Anami is in a confusion. She doesn’t know if she is in love with Adhiraj or is it just friendship. Anami stays lost in thoughts. Dadi tries asking the matter. Anami doesn’t share anything. She wants to clear out her feelings first.


Chakor and Imli’s election campaign goes on. Suraj supports Chakor in her campaign. Imli then asks Suraj to destroy Chakor’s campaign. Suraj obeys Imli’s command. He tears the posters. Chakor doesn’t feel bad. She wants Suraj to stay protected by Imli and Ranvijay’s tortures. Chakor falls down the ladder. Suraj runs to save her. They have a moment of romance. Chakor challenges Imli and asks her to get ready for the defeat.

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki:

Rocky and Maya plan to ruin Daali’s life and snatch away all that she has. They eye Janki’s property. Janki and Daali are too innocent to figure out their enemies. Kanhaiya wants to protect them from hidden enemies residing in and out of their house. Kanhaiya learns Rocky and Maya’s conspiracy against Daali. He doesn’t want anyone to defeat Daali, be it in any competition of dance or life. Rocky tries to trap Daali in love. Kanhaiya vows to not let Daali lose out in life. Kanhaiya trains Daali for the dance competition against Maya. He plans to trouble on the dance floor to teach her a lesson.


Leela makes Satya ready for the marriage. She makes him wear Sehra and shagun chain. Mehul gifts bangles to Susheel. He tells her that he can’t come in her marriage as he can’t see her leaving. He hides his emotions. He couldn’t tell her that Leela has kept the condition that he shouldn’t come in the marriage function if he wants them to accept Susheel. Mehul gets emotional. Mehul doesn’t reveal anything to Susheel. He wants Susheel’s happiness.

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya:

Rahul gets frustrated when the caught-up man doesn’t reveal anything. He beats the fake Sukumaa and lets him free to reach his master. The villagers get shocked when Pujari’s house idol cries blood. Pujari and his family cry for Anand, who is taken away by Lakhan. Lakhan ties Anand to the tree and leaves him for Kaal Bhairav’s punishment. Rahul keeps a watch on Anand to know the fake Kaal Bhairav taking him. In no time, Anand is taken by Lord Bhairav and Shivgan. Rahul fails to catch them again. The Shivgan disappear, leaving behind a mystery again.


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