Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara wraps up with an open-ended twist


Roshni manages to save Vyoma’s letter. She plans to reveal the letter to Anant, so that he ends ties with Ahana forever. She wants Ahana to get punished for cheating Anant. Rehaan talks to Laila and gets warned about his growing proximity with Ahana. Ahana couldn’t tolerate Rehaan’s insult done by Laila. She takes a stand for Rehaan. Laila warns them against cheating Anant. She tells them that Anant doesn’t deserve a betrayal. She scolds Ahana for becoming like her. Ahana doesn’t want to cheat her husband. Laila’s words make Ahana think well.

Roshni demands Anant to leave the meeting and come home. Anant tells her that its important meeting. She tells him about the surprise and calls him home. Anant likes the tool kit gifted by Roshni. He thanks her for the wonderful thoughtful gift. Roshni leaves the letter for Anant. Anant gets to read Vyoma’s letter, which shocks him to the core.

Anant can’t believe Rehaan and Ahana are more than friends. He didn’t imagine they could cheat him this way. He doesn’t understand how to react. He feels he is responsible for driving Ahana into a depressed state and making her seek a friend’s shoulder. He doesn’t want to hurt either of Rehaan and Ahana, but he feels much hurt. Rehaan expresses his love to Ahana. She maintains that she is not interested in having a relation with him, since she loves her husband.

Rehaan gets passionate about her. She asks him to stop his madness and forget whatever happened between them. She asks him to forget the past and think for Anant. Rehaan tells her that she has to accept her love as well. He feels she doesn’t love Anant and her marriage was just to take revenge from Laila. Ahana admits that she loves Anant. Rehaan calls it a big lie. He tells her the truth that she loves him. Anant witnesses their togetherness and confronts them. Rehaan and Ahana get silent and accept the accusation mentioned by Vyoma in the letter. The show’s abrupt ending clears a fair chance for it to come back with Season 2. The last scene ending with a big question leaves the climax undone.


  1. When will dil Sambhal ja zara season 2 comeback.. its almost 2yr as well f now there’s no news of On-air… I’m still waiting for this serial.
    Love Rehan&Ahana chemistry… Every actor/actress gave their best… Missing them..


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