TGI Friday’s Spoilers

TGI Friday 7 Upcoming Telly Hits 28th June 2019

Dil Se Dil Tak: Shorvori wants to go away from Parth and Teni. They have a face to face meet. Shorvori lies that she isn’t the one whom they are finding. She tells them that she doesn’t know any Shorvori. Parth asks her to swear on him. Shorvori tries to leave in a rush. Parth tells her that he can’t be wrong to identify her, he can never leave her, she can’t lie to him. He threatens to jump down the cliff and give his life if she doesn’t accept she is Shorvori. He wants to prove she is his Shorvori. He tells her that he will die, as it wouldn’t make any difference to her. Teni begs Shorvori to save Parth’s life.

Soumya is too happy that everything got fine in her life. Soumya happily dances in the her friend’s haldi rasam. Harak and Preeto grace the occasion. Preeto is happy seeing Soumya’s smiling face. The ladies compliment Soumya. They call Preeto lucky to get such a pretty bahu. Preeto and Soumya’s bond gets better. Soumya was always kept away from mingling with society. Preeto didn’t let Soumya talk to people, to conceal her truth. When Preeto tells Soumya that she has all the rights to talk to people and enjoy the function, she gets much glad. Preeto gives freedom to Soumya.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:


Simmi plays a new trick. Ishita’s mum gets arrested. Mrs. Iyer had slapped Mihika in anger, when she got to know Mihika is marrying Raman. Iyers get disappointed with Mihika. Mrs. Bhalla gets instigated by Simmi and files a case against her to settle scores. Ishita feels helpless when the police takes her mum to the police station. She worries for her mum’s health. She asks Raman to help her. Ishita feels Simmi and Mihika are crossing the limits by targeting her mum. She reprimands Mihika for complaining against her mum. Mihika denies the blame. Mrs. Bhalla tells Ishita that she has filed the complaint by Mihika’s name. Simmi wants to get Raman and Mihika married.

Woh Apna Sa:
Kakimaa asks Arjun and Jia not to meet till their marriage. Arjun and Jia see each other through the curtains. They have a romantic moment. Nisha will be coming back to ruin their marriage.


Susheel and her family get a good welcome by Leela. She doesn’t feel comfortable by Leela’s gift. Leela makes her wear a kamarbandh with a plan. Dada ji thanks Leela for accepting Susheel for her grandson. Leela’s intentions are not known to anyone. Leela compliments Susheel for her tall height. Dada ji says we are happy that you gave so much respect to Susheel. Leela says I just wish Susheel keeps my family united. Leela wants to give an electric shock to Susheel, by the electric band fixed in the kamarbandh. Susheel and Satya have a moment before they go for their Varmala ritual. Kali gets Kanha idol in front of Susheel. Leela worries to play her evil plan in front of Kanha. He postpones her plans. Susheel is disturbed finding Mehul. Satya and Susheel exchange the garlands. Satya then refuses to marry Susheel.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Avni is getting concerned for Piyush. He gets annoyed with her for lying to him. She apologizes to him. She does the aid to his wounds. Pari overhears Hema informing someone about robbing the family. Hema wants to steal some money as the family is very rich. Hema plans to get some jewelry from everyone’s rooms, so that they don’t know about it. Pari learns Hema’s plans. Avni will go against Hema to keep her friendship with Piyush.


Chakor plans a special date with a big motive. She wears Suraj’s favorite dress and sets up the place in the same way as their previous date. She hopes to remind Suraj the past. She gives him the jacket and reminds that the jacket is a sign of their friendship. Suraj accepts the gift. He wears the jacket and thanks her. Suraj gets bits of flashes of the past. He identifies the place. He tells her that he feels he has seen the place before. Chakor tells him that they have come at the same place five years ago.

Piyaa Albela:
Pooja creates a big drama after coming home. Dada ji wants to divide the property on Naina’s insistence. Pooja tells Naren that even she will want her property if they give anything to Naina. She asks Naren to give her rights. She reminds him how he insults her every time. Supriya asks Naren to forgive Pooja and accept her. Pooja doesn’t want to lose. Naren too stays stubborn. Pooja asks Naren to sign the papers. Pooja ruins Naina’s plans. She wants to clear the misunderstandings. Chandrika falls weak in front of Naren. She can’t see Pooja’s insult. Naren asks Chandrika to sign a document and disown Pooja completely. He keeps this condition to accept Pooja back in his life. Chandrika scolds Naren for his bad thinking.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:
Adhiraj and Anami meet at a cafe. Anami feels awkward to meet him, just because of his love confession. Adhiraj has expresses his feelings. He is waiting for her answer. He has a hope that she will accept his proposal. Some girls see Anami’s hair and comment on her. Adhiraj and Anami ignore the comments. The girls crack more jokes on Anami, which makes Adhiraj furious. Adhiraj asks Anami not to care for others’ words, as she is unique. She tells him that she can’t handle it if it comes to him. He asks her to stay the same like before. He doesn’t want her to pretend, he doesn’t care for anything, he loves her the way she is. Anami and Adhiraj’s friendship will have a transition.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Bulbul shows tantrums that she is a minister’s wife. She behaves badly so that Vijay gets separated from her. Bulbul angers Vijay and the family. Bulbul convinces Vijay that she is not a good person as he thought of her.


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