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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:
Uma and Kanak find Paulmi alive. They get a big shock finding her with Aditya. Paulmi makes an entry in the pub and performs. Her western avatar can’t make Uma believe his eyes. Kanak tells Uma that Paulmi was always with Maasi, in each and every plotting, and Paulmi’s so called love was not true. Uma gets relieved of the guilty, but feels more cheated.


Chakor’s question gets answered by Suraj. Suraj tells Chakor that he has regained his memory and now all their tests got over. He wants their love to take a new flight. Suraj surprises Chakor by reciprocating her love. He threatens Ranvijay to make him pay for Imli and his crimes. Suraj and Chakor get together and ready to face Imli and Ranvijay’s challenges. Suraj protects Chakor from Ranvijay’s attack. Chakor turns happy to get her best support back.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:

Devi and Adhiraj are getting married. Adhiraj and Maasa accompany Devi to the temple. Devi does a tough ritual given by Maasa. Devi’s best friend enters her life. Virat surprises her. Devi drops the water pots by the shock. She loses balance. He holds Devi, which makes Adhiraj misunderstand him and attack. Devi saves her friend and introduces him to Adhiraj. Devi calms Adhiraj’s anger. She asks Virat to stay with them in their haveli. Adhiraj welcomes Virat.

Ek Deewana Tha:

Rati learns Vyom’s bad truth. Vyom plays a trick and risks Rati’s daughter Avni’s life to threaten. He wants Rati to hide his secret. Shiv and Sharanya reach there. Shiv saves the little girl, who happens to see him and communicate. Shiv becomes her friend. Rati asks Sharanya not to ask anything. Rati gets scared to reveal Vyom’s name. Sharanya asks Rati did Vyom get Avni here. Rati lies. She wants to take Avni home. Sharanya says you are still supporting Vyom. Rati is glad that Avni is safe.


Avni feels lonely after Neela’s death. She is much disturbed. Neil stays with her all the time. He finds her worried. He sings Neela’s lullaby for Avni. Avni sheds tears. Neil comforts her emotionally. They have a moment. Neil makes Avni sleep. She dreams of Neela and Aisha. She wakes up terrified. Neil cries finding her disturbed. She sees Neil awake and sitting by her side. She feels lucky to get him. She thanks him for coming in her life.

Laado 2:

Anushka plays dhol and celebrates Balwant’s death. She enters the mourning ceremony of Balwant Choudhary, while playing a dhol to cheer. Yuvraaj and his family get furious at her. Anushka has lost Amma ji. Anushka is happy that Amma ji’s murderer is dead. She has much anger in eyes. She doesn’t get scared of Balwant’s family. Yuvraaj asks her to stop the dhol. She tells him that she has lost Amma ji and now he has lot his Tau ji, scores got even. She gets focussed to take revenge. She insults Tai ji. She gives it back to them.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Mandira plays evil once again. She is trying to win Vijay. She makes Bulbul work on her orders. Bulbul serves the food to the family. She asks Mandira to have butter milk. Mandira tells them that Anant has sent her to give the file to Vijay. Mandira spoils her dress with the drink. She makes an excuse to side Bulbul for a talk. She wants to know when Bulbul will leave Vijay completely. She finds the family happy with Bulbul. She asks Bulbul is she not hurting the family’s sentiments. Bulbul tells her that she is trying to be rude, but the family is too good to forgive her all the time. She emotionally blackmails Bulbul. She asks Bulbul to leave Vijay if she really wants to see them happy.

Tu Aashiqui:
When Ahaan finally meets Pankti, he decides to take her home. Pankti gets kidnapped. Ahaan couldn’t do anything to save her. He comes home to confront JD about Pankti’s kidnapping, but the enemy turns out to be someone else. Pankti receives a huge shock seeing her kidnapper. Ahaan falls sick. He badly misses Pankti. Aparna cares for Ahaan. Manav, Aparna and Kaira support Ahaan. Ahaan falls unconscious. Manav calls a doctor for him. Ahaan has given him his search for Pankti. He looked for her everywhere, but didn’t get her. Everyone worry for Pankti. Ahaan wants to explain the family to accept Pankti.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ishita learns Raman is going to marry Mihika. Bhallas get a shagun and wedding invitation card for Iyers, leaving them shocked. Raman’s marriage will be seen. Ishita receives a huge shock. Simmi and Mihika enjoy Ishita’s sorrow. Aaliya tries to commit suicide. She gets worried that she will be going jail. Parmeet threatens Aaliya and Ishita by the video. He compels Ishita to sign the divorce papers, to which she readily agrees. Raman and Adi get worried for Aaliya. Ishita gets an entry in Bhalla house to take care of Aaliya.

Susheel looks for Mehul. She wants to talk to Mehul. She looks for her phone. She enters some room. The goons hit on her head to faint her. Susheel gets kidnapped. Sejal looks for Susheel everywhere. She finds Susheel and thinks its some plan. Sejal asks Susheel to come out. She wants the nek money. She tells Susheel that they will go shopping with the nek amount. She doesn’t know Susheel is kidnapped. Leela wants to know where did Susheel go. Susheel fights with the goons and makes an escape.


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