Romi’s mistake to instigate Raman in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Raman sees Mihika’s love and care towards Pihu. Simmi asks Raman to marry Mihika. He refuses at first. Simmi asks him to think for Pihu and marry Mihika, as she is the best person to become Pihu’s mum. Simmi then asks Mihika to marry Raman. Mihika gets aback. She tells them that she loved Romi a lot, but she loves the family as well. She accepts Raman’s proposal only if Raman agrees. The family convinces Raman to marry Mihika. Simmi thinks Mihika and Raman’s marriage will be a big shock for Ishita.

Ishita takes care of Raman. Mani gets worried for his daughter. Parmeet blackmails Ishita about Aaliya’s video, where she is seen murdering the money lender. He compels her to sign the divorce papers. Parmeet fails her plans and asks her to give up her clever attempts. He asks her to either do a mum’s duty or a wife’s duty. He jokes on her big statements about truth and honesty. She agrees to sign the divorce papers for Aaliya’s sake. Aaliya is ready to go jail. She doesn’t want Ishita to divorce Raman. Aaliya and Ishita try to teach a lesson to Parmeet, when he asks for the signed divorce papers. Ishita and Aaliya kidnap Parmeet. They take him to the unknown place.

Romi didn’t know Raman will agree to marry Mihika. He receives a big shock knowing this shocking development. Raman feels guilty to hurt Romi’s sentiments. Mrs. Bhalla supports Raman for his happiness. Pihu refuses to accept Mihika as her mum. Mihika handles her well. She tells Pihu that she wants to become her good friend, not her mum, she will never take Ishita’s place. Pihu dislikes her. Raman asks the family why is Pihu unhappy. Mihika accuses Ishita for this. Romi feels Simmi and Mihika are just ruining the entire family. He doesn’t hold Raman responsible, as Raman is brainwashed by them. Romi gets frustrated over Mihika’s decision. He misbehaves with her in a fit of rage. Simmi calls the entire family. Raman beats up Romi for his nonsense act. Raman gets too determined to marry Mihika. Romi’s mistakes makes Raman more clear about his decision. Simmi reveals Raman and Mihika’s marriage decision to Ishita.


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