Teni plots her departure from Bhanushali family in Dil Se Dil Tak


Shorvori returns to Bhanushali family, which comes as a big surprise for her family. Teni makes a leave from the house. When the family requests Teni to stay back. Teni hurts them and demands a big amount for her sacrifices. Teni makes Parth and Bhanushali against them. Teni does this drama to make things easy for Parth and Shorvori. Shorvori understands Teni is deliberately doing this. She decides to help Teni.

Teni asks for the compensation. She gets a lawyer against Parth, which shocks him a lot. Parth gets angry and makes a cheque for Teni. Shorvori tells him that he is doing wrong with Teni. He doesn’t listen and goes to give the cheque to Teni. The family believes Teni is leaving the house because of Shorvori’s return. Teni hurts their sentiments to get an easy exit.


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