Virat’s entry to call new twists in Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre


Devi and Adhiraj are getting married. Adhiraj and Maasa accompany Devi to the temple. Devi does a tough ritual given by Maasa. Devi’s best friend enters her life. Virat surprises her. Devi drops the water pots by the shock. She loses balance. He holds Devi, which makes Adhiraj misunderstand him and attack. Devi saves her friend and introduces him to Adhiraj. Devi calms Adhiraj’s anger. She asks Virat to stay with them in their haveli. Adhiraj welcomes Virat.

Maasa doesn’t like Devi’s closeness with anyone. Adhiraj too gets jealous seeing their friendship. Devi and Virat are best friends since their college days. Devi invites Virat for her haldi ceremony. Adhiraj gets frustrated seeing Virat applying haldi to Devi. Virat and Devi play haldi holi in front of everyone. The villagers comment on them, which infuriates Adhiraj. He commands Virat to stop it, as this is not his city, but their Sujangarh.

During the mehendi function, Devi does Ghumar on Virat’s dhol beats. Virat insists her for a dance. Devi initially refuses. Virat plays her favorite tune. Adhiraj holds his anger in front of the guests. Devi and Virat dance and take selfies. Virat taunts Adhiraj that no one knows English in his village. Devi manages to calm down Adhiraj. Maasa and Urmi instigate Adhiraj against Devi and Virat’s close bond. Devi knows Adhiraj’s anger well. She finds him upset. Devi performs Ghumar for Adhiraj to please him and end his annoyance.


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