Harman and Soumya to find Aditya in Shakti


Harman gifts bangles to Soumya. He gets the bangles with much love. Soumya turns happy. She tells him that his love is the biggest gift for her. Harman tells her that the bangles are not beautiful than her. He compliments her beauty, which is making the bangles look beautiful. Soumya misses Aditya. She asks Harman about him. Harman tells her that he will find Aditya. She wants Aditya to come back in their lives, so that they can complete their life. Preeto says Aditya should call me Dadi, not Preeto like Harman. She makes a schedule to spend time with Aditya.

She plans to buy gifts for Aditya. Shanno too supports them. Shanno also wishes that they find Aditya soon. She says if we stay positive, the result will be positive too, I wish Harak accepts Aditya too. Shanno doesn’t want them to get Aditya back. She wants her children to get property. She knows they will make Aditya their heir. Shanno acts good towards them, but hides her intentions.


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