JD and Anita to team up in Tu Aashiqui


Anita recalls her insult and angrily breaks things. She gets drinking. She doesn’t want Ahaan and his family to insult her. JD visits her. Anita asks him why did he come, will he also slap him and threaten to kill her. She says I don’t have Pankti here, I don’t have any other daughter to give you, you have made me a slave too, your family always finds a chance to insult me. She vents out frustration. She threatens to ruin him and his family reputation.

JD tells her that he didn’t kidnap Pankti, someone has fooled him. He says come back to senses, just find the culprit who has really slapped us by this move. Anita tells him that she will try to find Pankti. He asks her to prove the results, and this time when he gets Pankti, he will send her far away. She asks what about my insult. He tells her that she has no respect to lose. She angrily threatens to slap him and his family in front of the world and settle scores. JD too gets insulting her. He asks Anita to focus on the main task first and he will see settling things with Sheetal and Ahaan later. JD and Anita team up to find Pankti.


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