High Five Spoilers

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Dil Se Dil Tak:
Shorvori meets her daughter. She gets too happy having her baby with her. She finds hard to manage the baby without Teni. Shorvori tries to pacify the baby in the cradle. The baby keeps crying. Shorvori plays with her baby. Her dream to live with Parth and their daughter gets complete. Shorvori takes the baby’s responsibility well. Teni has asked Shorvori to raise the baby alone. Teni is also bound by the conditions. She has to go away from Parth. Shorvori has Parth’s support. Shorvori and Teni are facing a big challenge. Shorvori loves the life’s second chance. She enjoys the happiness to become a mum. She spends much time with the baby and succeeds to pacify the baby.


Harman gifts bangles to Soumya. He gets the bangles with much love. Soumya turns happy. She tells him that his love is the biggest gift for her. Harman tells her that the bangles are not beautiful than her. He compliments her beauty, which is making the bangles look beautiful. Soumya misses Aditya. She asks Harman about him. Harman tells her that he will find Aditya. She wants Aditya to come back in their lives, so that they can complete their life. Preeto says Aditya should call me Dadi, not Preeto like Harman. She makes a schedule to spend time with Aditya.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:
Satrupa begins the preparations for Anami’s 18th birthday. Dada ji and Dadi too want to have a grand celebrations for Vatsalya and Anami’s birthday. Satrupa wants to keep Vatsalya’s wish by having two cakes for her twins. She gets emotional over Anami’s presence in Lal Mahal. Dada ji decides to crown Anami as the heir of Lal Mahal and Royal Steels. Sudha and Pujan get alert of his decision and try to come up with a solution to hinder this happening.

Shivay and Anika make a plan to identify their hidden enemy, who is close to them and yet concealing his intentions well. Anika makes a risky plan, but convinces Shivay to let her go ahead. Anika falls in trouble during her search for the unknown enemy. Anika learns the big secret that Veer is the one who is trying to ruin Shivay. She also learns Veer’s evil intentions to achieve her. Shivay rescues Anika when she gets trapped. Shivay and Anika then come face to face with Veer and declare an open war.

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya:

Gauri loses her brother. She also loses her belief in Kaal Bhairav. She tells Rahul that she will support him from now on, as she knows Kaal Bhairav is their Lord and can never kill innocent people. She also wants to find the murderer of her brother, just like Rahul. Gauri gets supportive of Rahul furthermore. Namrata and Aditya don’t want Thakur to harm Rahul. A man meets Rahul secretly. He informs him that Yashpal is missing. He is also a cop like Yashpal, who is trying to find the temple’s secret. The man tells Rahul that he should keep an eye on Shambu’s ashram to find the key to his questions.


Susheel’s life falls in risk. Leela reaches the storeroom and thinks where did Susheel go. She wants to find Susheel. Leela finds Susheel inside the cold freezer. Leela gets worried for Susheel’s life. She asks Susheel not to worry, she is fine. She has forgotten all the enmity and saved Susheel. She cares for Susheel. She asks Susheel how did she reach inside the freezer. Susheel tells her how the thieves were kidnapping her, they wanted the jewelry and took away everything. She apologizes to Leela that she couldn’t save the jewelry. Leela asks her not to worry for jewelry.

Laado 2:

Anushka has taken away Yuvraaj’s room. He is asked to take permission from Anushka if he needs anything from his room. She scolds him for entering without permission. She asks him to learn knocking the door, and better change himself. They have an ego clash. Yuvraaj tells her that he will change his habits. He asks her where is she going. She tells him that she is going in the puja, Tai ji has invited her. He asks her not to come, the puja is just for him. He looks for his Dhoti. Anushka shows the torn Dhoti, which she has used to clean the room. She tells him that she won’t come in the puja even if he invites her. He doesn’t feel any need to take her alone. Tai ji asks Anushka to come in the puja. Yuvraaj gets helpless and requests Anushka to come. Anushka shows her attitude. She refuses to accompany him.


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