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Tu Aashiqui: Anita recalls her insult and angrily breaks things. She gets drinking. She doesn’t want Ahaan and his family to insult her. JD visits her. Anita asks him why did he come, will he also slap him and threaten to kill her. She says I don’t have Pankti here, I don’t have any other daughter to give you, you have made me a slave too, your family always finds a chance to insult me. She vents out frustration. She threatens to ruin him and his family reputation.

Nimki Mukhiya:

Nimki’s training letter comes home. Tetar and Babbu start planning to reap benefits from Nimki’s post. Tetar tells his family that he has got Babbu and Nimki married for this purpose. He gets angry on Anaro. He asks Anaro not to create hurdles in his plans. He tells her that she always leaks his plans by her anger. He doesn’t want Ram Bachan to know the motive behind the marriage. Tetar gets much happy reading the letter. He plans to make Babbu the Mukhiya. He shares the happiness with Babbu. Tetar congratulates him. He expresses his happiness. He tells Babbu that the real game will begin now, he will become the sarpanch and Nimki will be no one there. He plots against Nimki. Nimki doesn’t know about Tetar’s plans.


Imli and Ranvijay play a trick to fill poison in Suraj’s mind. They tell wrong things about Chakor. Imli wants Suraj to hate Chakor. Suraj is taken to the room where he finds his childhood memories. Ranvijay tells him a fake story. He shows Chakor in bad light. He projects Imli as a savior. He tells Suraj that Chakor has killed his father. Suraj doesn’t remember anything. Suraj says if I remember how Chakor tortured my father, I will kill her, but I can’t do this, my hands are tied, I want Imli’s permission. Ranvijay asks Suraj not to worry and just kill Chakor, he will make Imli permit him. He tells Suraj that Chakor has ruined his parents’ lives.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

Uma and Kanak make a plan to get new identities in order to reach Paulomi. They find Paulomi dancing in a bar in a drugged state. They feel unpleasant seeing the real side of the people they trusted so much. Kanak tells Uma that they have to get close to Maasi and her world, so that they can win Maasi’s trust and fulfill their motives. She finds a way to meet Paulomi. Maasi plans to get a plastic surgery done on Paulomi and tortures her.

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki:

Janki and Kanhaiya plan to emotionally blackmail Daali and convince her for the Swayamvar. Daali gets afraid by the thought of losing Janki. She gets too emotional and agrees to do anything on Janki’s command. She agrees to attend the Swamyamvar and get married. She asks Badimaa to find a nice guy for her, so that she can settle down and fulfill Janki’s last wish. Badimaa pacifies a guilty Daali, who holds herself responsible for Janki’s ill state. Daali learns about Janki and Kanhaiya’s planning. She gets angry and decides to teach them a lesson.


Police finds the man who sells off the gun to Vidyut. Neil interrogates the man. Neil and Avni want to know if Vidyut shot Neela and cleverly framing Neil and his family into the crime, just like Vidyut trapped Avni in Juhi’s murder case. Neil suspects Vidyut to be involved in the crime. Neil tries to get positive results from the interrogation. Neil gets angered when the man doesn’t give any details. Avni then turns into an inspector and interrogates the man. She fakes an identity. She wants an answer from the man. She threatens to kill him. She scares the man and makes the man accept the truth.

Piyaa Albela:

Naren kidnaps Pooja and locks her in the office. Pooja goes to Rahul’s cabin and finds the power of attorney papers. She learns Rahul wants to get entire property to himself. She angrily burns the papers. This makes the cabin catch fire. Naren learns Pooja is in danger and runs to the office. Pooja gets suffocated by the smoke. Naren saves Pooja from the fire. Pooja gets glad that Naren still cares for her. Naren then decides to select a new bodyguard. He plans an attack on himself to test the men. Pooja’s brother Anuj turns out to be the best candidate.

Anuj takes a disguise of Sardar ji. He saves Naren and wins the task. Anuj is hired as the new bodyguard. Pooja hears Anuj’s voice. She looks for Anuj. The fire alarm rings. Everyone leaves from the office. Pooja is sure that she has heard Anuj. She doesn’t know if Anuj has come to Vyas office. Pooja will save herself, along with her family. She is determined to catch Supriya’s culprit. Anuj hides his intentions from Naren.


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