Ishita to rescue Aaliya’s life in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ishita stops Aaliya from doing anything wrong in fear. She tells Aaliya that they have taught a lesson to Parmeet and now he won’t be able to do anything. Adi gets upset with Aaliya, that she left without informing him. Simmi breaks Raman and Mihika’s marriage truth to Ishita, which shatters her the most. Ishita tries to vent out anger on Mihika, but Raman comes ahead to take a stand for the latter. He asks Ishita not to interfere in his personal life, and its Mihika’s decision to marry him. Iyers learn the shocking thing and reprimand Mihika for falling to this extent.

Ishita vows to stop Raman’s marriage. Iyers express their grief over Mihika’s cheat. They feel they have lost in giving good values to Mihika. Ishita misses Vandu dearly. Bhallas decide to get a marriage date. Simmi worries for Parmeet, who went missing. She blames Ishita for it. Raman tells her that Ishita can’t be accused every time and for everything. Aaliya informs Ishita that Bhallas are trying to find Parmeet.

Ishita receives a big shock finding Parmeet home. Aaliya gets tensed. She takes a big step and commits suicide. Ishita and entire family worry for Aaliya. Bhallas try to know the reason behind Aaliya’s step. Ishita asks Aaliya why did he do this. She slaps Aaliya for her irresponsible thing. Aaliya apologizes to Ishita.

Mihika learns Aaliya’s move. Simmi is sure that Ishita is planning a drama. Mihika is sure that Ishita won’t harm children. Simmi reminds how Ishita has killed Ananya. Simmi asks Raman to send away Ishita, who is using Aaliya now. Parmeet and Raman try to brainwash Raman against Ishita. Raman goes to confront Ishita. Aaliya gets scared of Parmeet. Parmeet builds more pressure on Ishita and takes her sign on the divorce papers.


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