Uma and Kanak’s new disguise for a big motive in Tu Sooraj…


Uma and Kanak make a plan to get new identities in order to reach Paulomi. They find Paulomi dancing in a bar in a drugged state. They feel unpleasant seeing the real side of the people they trusted so much. Kanak tells Uma that they have to get close to Maasi and her world, so that they can win Maasi’s trust and fulfill their motives. She finds a way to meet Paulomi. Maasi plans to get a plastic surgery done on Paulomi and tortures her.

Paulomi tells her that she believes Uma will come to save her. Maasi asks Paulomi not to have any hope for Uma’s help. Kanak and Uma take a disguise. Kanak takes the role of a rich billionaire’s daughter Diana, while Uma becomes her punjabi manager Harpreet. Diana and Harpeet land at Maasi’s place to influence her by their richness. Kanak is sure that money can trap Maasi in their plans. Will Uma and Kanak succeed to reach Paulomi? Keep reading.


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