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    Naamkarann: Neil gets into believing that he has shot into the darkness. He blames himself for shooting Neela and snatching her from Avni forever. He wants to confirm his doubt. He decides to share the doubt with Avni. Shweta feels Neil shouldn’t talk to Avni about this, else their relation can suffer. Avni visits Neela’s house and recalls the sweet memories. Avni misses Neela badly. She holds all the pain and sorrow within. Ali supports Avni in her low phase. Vidyut reaches Avni for a talk. She threatens him to leave, else face the dire consequences. Vidyut asks her not to be upset over Neela’s death. They have a heated argument.


    Ishita stops Aaliya from doing anything wrong in fear. She tells Aaliya that they have taught a lesson to Parmeet and now he won’t be able to do anything. Adi gets upset with Aaliya, that she left without informing him. Simmi breaks Raman and Mihika’s marriage truth to Ishita, which shatters her the most. Ishita tries to vent out anger on Mihika, but Raman comes ahead to take a stand for the latter. He asks Ishita not to interfere in his personal life, and its Mihika’s decision to marry him. Iyers learn the shocking thing and reprimand Mihika for falling to this extent.


    Shivay and Anika pull off the plan well. Veer gets trapped in their plan. He tries to know Shivay’s new investor. Anika is sure that her plan will catch the culprit. Shivay asks her to be careful and stay connected with him. Anika finds if anyone is following her. Anika tells Shivay that someone is really following her, but while hiding the identity. Shivay tries to reach her in time, so that she doesn’t fall into any trouble. Veer meets Anika to know her truth. Shivay fails to reach Anika because of the car tyre burst. Anika runs to save her life. Veer chases her to know her identity.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Adhiraj deals with the rejection in love. He doesn’t share his sorrow with anyone. On the other hand, Anami tries to rethink on her decision. She shares the matter with Poonam. She questions Poonam over true love. They have a talk, which makes Anami think if she has any feelings for Adhiraj. Poonam asks her to accept Adhiraj’s love. Anami doesn’t think she should hurry. She thinks of Adhiraj, who might have taken her words in wrong sense and felt bad. Anami calls him up to apologize. Anami fixes a meeting to make him understand her stand.


    Kartik sleeps in the kids’ room. Naira learns this the next day when the kids ask her if she has scolded Kartik. Naira feels bad seeing Kartik getting distanced. She still tries to find happiness in other things. Naksh supports Kirti in her work. The servants hide the spoiled clothes from Naksh and Kirti. Kirti doubts on Naitik, after reading his status message. She tells Naksh that Naitik has found his new love. Naksh doesn’t believe her. Naksh tells Goenkas that Kirti’s boutique is launching. He invites Kartik and Naira for lunch. Kartik refuses to be part of the celebrations.

    Meri Durga:

    Sanjay receives a parcel for Durga. He learns Durga has done a deal with Aarti’s dad, which made the latter return the entire property and business to them. Sanjay feels Durga is paying for his happiness by sacrificing her dreams. He doesn’t want Durga to turn down her family’s expectations. Durga decides not to run in the national championship. She doesn’t want Sanjay to learn anything about the deal. She tries to find some way by which Sanjay won’t push her to compete in the race. Durga decides to hurt herself so that she disqualifies for the race. She wants to give happiness to Sanjay and his family.


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