Neil feels guilty over Neela’s death in Naamkarann


Neil gets into believing that he has shot into the darkness. He blames himself for shooting Neela and snatching her from Avni forever. He wants to confirm his doubt. He decides to share the doubt with Avni. Shweta feels Neil shouldn’t talk to Avni about this, else their relation can suffer. Avni visits Neela’s house and recalls the sweet memories. Avni misses Neela badly. She holds all the pain and sorrow within. Ali supports Avni in her low phase. Vidyut reaches Avni for a talk. She threatens him to leave, else face the dire consequences. Vidyut asks her not to be upset over Neela’s death. They have a heated argument.

He blames her for causing Neela’s death. He tells her that her refusal has made her see this day. He expresses his love once again. He asks her to give him one chance and he will keep her really happy. Avni asks him to control his madness. He tries to take advantage of her depressed state. He gives her time to think. He tells her that he will make everything fine if she wills to hold his hand.

Avni stays sorrowful over Neela’s leaving. Neil meets Avni at Neela’s house. He worries seeing Avni’s tears. Neil consoles Avni. He makes up a mind to tell Avni that he thinks he has shot Neela. Shweta worries that Neil will himself ruin his marriage by revealing the truth. Neil gets courage to tell the truth to Avni, but she doesn’t hear anything. Avni falls asleep by the sleeping pills added in the food by Shweta. Shweta does so to stop Avni from hearing the bitter truth.

Shweta then reveals the truth to the family. She justifies her step. Neil cares for Avni, while she dreams of Neela and gets terrified. Neil too misses Neela. Neil stays strong to give courage to Avni. Shweta tries to save Neil and Avni’s relationship. Prakash doesn’t want Neil and Avni to have a relation on the basis of lies. Bebe promises to support Shweta. Neil feels guilty when he sees Avni’s state. He sings a lullaby to comfort her. He wishes he didn’t do that mistake and had Neela with them as before. He waits for the official reports to prove his doubt wrong. Avni finds Neil a perfect husband for him. She shows much trust in him.


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