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    Naamkarann: Avni learns Neil’s doubt of shooting at Neela. The family accepts their mistakes to lie and keep her away from Neil. Shweta and Bebe tell Avni that they didn’t wish Neil and her to get separated by this bitter truth. Avni asks them will they cheat her for the sake of her happiness. She tells Neela would be happy to see this perfect family, who would never think before deceiving her. She asks them how could they not have any belief in Neil. She shows her belief in Neil, that he can never kill Neela. Avni stands by Neil. She tells the family that they should have told her the truth, without having any fear of losing her.

    Meri Durga:
    Durga forgives Gayatri. Neelkant doesn’t think Gaytri took a wise decision. Everything gets fine in their family. Durga’s family makes a leave. Gayatri apologizes to Sanjay. He misunderstands her for a while, but melts his heart by her emotional apology. Gayatri presents his childhood memories, which she has preserved. She expresses his value in her life. Sanjay forgives her. Sanjay and Gayatri’s bond gets fine. Gayatri promises to support Durga.

    Meanwhile, Madhav tries to get Umang. He has a plan to flee with Umang. He finds difficult to take permission from the family. The family learns Param has suspicious intentions. They don’t allow Param to take Umang out. Madhav learns that Rana has already alerted the family. He makes another plan to kidnap Umang. Madhav succeeds in kidnapping Umang. He takes him away. Durga and Yashpal happen to see Umang with strangers. They worry finding the little boy in unsafe hands. Rana stops Param, who makes excuses and manages to flee. Amrita informs Rana that Umang is missing. Rana tries to catch hold of Param. Durga tries to save Umang. Rana and Durga save Umang and learn the shocking truth of Madhav’s conspiracy. Madhav gets exposed in front of Amrita.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Satrupa’s fear to lose Anami gets on increasing. Sudha constantly threatens her about revealing her blunder to Anami. Satrupa doesn’t want to lose Anami at any cost. She feels her crimes are following her. She hallucinates and gets terrified. Baldev finds her tensed and asks her the reason for her appalled state. She tells him that she is just missing Vatsalya. He tells her that he will always be with her and help her fight the sorrow. He assures that everything will get fine. He asks her not to take the strong pills, that’s affecting her health. Baldev cares for her.


    Iyers and Bhallas have a clash. Iyers get angry on Mihika for hurting Ishita’s sentiments. Mihika goes on insulting Ishita, which makes Mrs. Iyer slap her. Mrs. Bhalla takes it in a negative way and want to punish her for the misdeed. Iyers feels sorry for themselves, that Mihika was part of their family. They make Mihika leave. Mihika gets hurt. She acts innocent in front of Raman. Romi likes the slap story. He feels Mihika deserves numerous slap. Raman asks Mihika not to have any terms with Iyers. Simmi instigates her mum against Iyers. She suggests her to file a police complaint against Mrs. Iyer.


    Shivay and Anika reach Shweta’s school and meet her to know more about Veer. They promise to protect her and ask her about Veer. Shweta reveals that Veer isn’t her father, he was just threatening her into pulling off the drama. She says Veer had paid me to become his fake daughter. Shivay and Anika can’t believe it. Shivay loses his cool that Veer has cheated them big time. He decides to confront him, while Anika asks him to work out a plan against Veer. Shivay doesn’t listen to her. He goes to confront Veer and finds him missing. He is sure that Veer is plotting something against them again. He doesn’t know what’s the next attack planned by Veer. Shivay doesn’t want Veer to hurt his family.


    Naira learns Aryan’s mistake of stealing Kartik’s presentation and taking the credit in front of the family. She scolds him for shaming Kartik and the family. She wants to expose his deeds to clear Kartik’s name. Naira threatens him. Suwarna requests Naira not to complain about Aryan. She doesn’t want Aryan to lose a place in everyone’s hearts. She tells Naira that Aryan got close to everyone by much difficulty, and if she reveals his mistake, everyone will hate Aryan. Suwarna makes Naira forgive Aryan. Naira forgives him just for Suwarna’s sake. Suwarna asks Aryan to change his thinking for a while and see the family members by a fresh perception. Aryan feels grateful to Suwarna for saving him from falling in Manish’s eyes.


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