Satrupa disapproves Adhiraj yet again in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Satrupa’s fear to lose Anami gets on increasing. Sudha constantly threatens her about revealing her blunder to Anami. Satrupa doesn’t want to lose Anami at any cost. She feels her crimes are following her. She hallucinates and gets terrified. Baldev finds her tensed and asks her the reason for her appalled state. She tells him that she is just missing Vatsalya. He tells her that he will always be with her and help her fight the sorrow. He assures that everything will get fine. He asks her not to take the strong pills, that’s affecting her health. Baldev cares for her.

Anami gets emotional by Dadi’s surprise. She writes a note for Dadi and mentions her approval. She decides to celebrate her birthday. Anami asks them to order two cakes. Baldev also gets happy to know this. He thanks Anami for filling Vatsalya’s place in their lives. He tells her that she deserves everything that belongs to Vatsalya.

He feels she always reminds him of Vatsalya. He misses his son. He tells her that Vatsalya was such a son, who would make any father proud. He feels proud to have children like Vatsalya and Anami. He tells her that she has brought happiness in their lives. He blesses her on her birthday. Adhiraj looks forward to meet Anami. He gets a special thing to gift her.


Satrupa and Dadi call a designer to select Anami’s birthday dress. The designer shows the trendy dresses to Anami. Anami doesn’t want to change herself. She likes her own style and attires. She tells them that she wants to remain the same. She reminisces Adhiraj’s words. Adhiraj meets Anami and wishes her for the birthday. She tells him about Satrupa and Dadi planning a makeover for her, but she has refused to become a decorative doll for the world. Adhiraj asks her to go ahead and fulfill their wishes, if they can get real happiness by her little efforts. Anami decides to give happiness to the family. She thanks him for the advice. Adhiraj gifts her for her birthday. Anami likes the pretty stone. She thanks him for the gift. Satrupa dislikes Adhiraj and Anami’s togetherness. She opposes Adhiraj. She asks him not to come in Anami’s birthday party.


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