Naira to fulfill Suwarna’s request in Yeh Rishta…


Naira learns Aryan’s mistake of stealing Kartik’s presentation and taking the credit in front of the family. She scolds him for shaming Kartik and the family. She wants to expose his deeds to clear Kartik’s name. Naira threatens him. Suwarna requests Naira not to complain about Aryan. She doesn’t want Aryan to lose a place in everyone’s hearts. She tells Naira that Aryan got close to everyone by much difficulty, and if she reveals his mistake, everyone will hate Aryan. Suwarna makes Naira forgive Aryan. Naira forgives him just for Suwarna’s sake. Suwarna asks Aryan to change his thinking for a while and see the family members by a fresh perception. Aryan feels grateful to Suwarna for saving him from falling in Manish’s eyes.

Kirti hides her mistake from Naksh. She fears to hurt Naksh’s sentiments. Kirti terrifies when the client comes to take the money during the puja. She tries to avoid Naksh while she pays off the amount for the loss.

Kartik and Naira stay silent, while admiring each other. Kartik helps her in preparing for the puja. Kartik gets a thought to tell her about Naitik and Priyanka. He decides to confirm it first. Priyanka comes home for the Shivratri puja. Dadi doubts Priyanka has kept the fast for Naitik. She tries to know about Priyanka and Naitik’s relation. Dadi gets a proof to certain her doubt. Naitik decides to reveal the matter to the family. He takes Priyanka’s advice. Kartik and Naira’s hide and seek continues. Suwarna tries to bring them together. She makes them do a puja. They try to analyze what went wrong in their relation, that drifted them apart. Kartik and Naira pray for their relation to turn sweet like before. Suwarna prays for their unity and strong relationship.


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