Shorvori to side away from Parth in Dil Se Dil Tak


Shorvori settles back in Bhanushali family. Shorvori experiences motherhood. She had this dream in her eyes since long. She has got Teni in their lives as a surrogate, only to get a child. Shorvori rejoices the moments. She is living life on other’s terms. She feels bad that she has to stay away for Parth. She ends her sorrow by being with her daughter. She is happy that Lord has given her which she didn’t expected. She is grateful that she could get another chance to live with Parth and their daughter.

She wants to make the most of the moments. Parth is the reason of her life. She can’t live without Parth. She doesn’t get selfish. She follows the limitations posed by the family. She takes the responsibility of the baby, while Teni is asked to look after Parth. She faces the challenges. She didn’t know Parth will marry Teni and fall in love. She still finds happiness in the fresh lease of life.


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