Naira prepares to wed Kartik again in Yeh Rishta…

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Badhai, Bidaai and more for KaiRa

Kartik and Naira have annoyance between them. Suwarna tries to talk out the matter. She senses everything is not fine between them. Kirti learns the consignment is rejected, because of the bad quality. The client threatens to shut her business if she cheats him in the order delivery next time. Kirti doesn’t understand how did the things go wrong. She hides the matter from Naksh. She gets scared to tell him about the loss. Naira finds Kartik sleeping in the kids’ room. She asks him the reason for leaving their room. He complains about her snoring. She gets aback by his behavior. She feels he is finding new excuses to stay away from her. Misunderstandings grow between them, since they fail to emote right.

Suwarna asks Naira about Kartik. Naira lies to her. Suwarna then tries to know the matter from Kartik. When Kartik also lies to her, she feels all is not well between them. She worries for the silence growing in their relationship. She gets concerned to save Kartik and Naira’s marriage.

Kirti meets Dadi and tells her about the business loss. She praises Naksh for always supporting her. Dadi asks her not to take advantage of Naksh’s trust. She asks Kirti not to test Naksh’s love by revealing her mistakes. She decides to pay money to help Kirti. Kirti reveals about Naitik and Priyanka’s friendship. She doubts they have an affair. Dadi can’t believe it. Dadi doesn’t know how the family will react knowing this. Kartik dismisses their doubts. He tells her that Naitik can never have an affair. He asks them to think about Naksh and Naira, who could be hurt by the bad blame on Naitik.

Naksh and family plan a surprise for Kirti on the occasion of Shivratri. Kirti hides the money given by Dadi. Bhabhimaa asks Kirti to get ready for the Shivratri puja. Kirti tries to conceal the matter from everyone. Dadi shares her doubts with Surekha. She feels Naitik is really having an affair with Priyanka. She thinks if Naitik and Priyanka will get married.

Dadi calls the pandit for the Shivratri puja. She asks Naira to attend puja at her home as well. Naira gets happy knowing about the special ritual of Shiv-Parvati’s marriage. Dadi asks Naira to become Kartik’s Parvati. Naira turns excited and informs Kartik about the ritual. Kartik doesn’t get happy. Kartik agrees when Dadi tells him the same thing. Naira misunderstands him. Naira tells Suwarna that Kartik is ready to become Shiv. Naira happens to learn Aryan’s misdeed. She reprimands him for stealing Kartik’s hard work. Suwarna hopes the ritual will bring Kartik and Naira together, by ending the prolonged silence in their relationship.


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