Dheeru restrains Adhiraj and Anami’s bonding in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh

anami and Adhiraj

Satrupa forbids Adhiraj from coming in Anami’s birthday party. She asks him not to stain Dheeru’s name by his mistakes. She reminds his old mistakes and how she has tackled him. She tells him that he doesn’t deserve to be in Anami’s life. She counts Dheeru’s mistakes as well, and upsets Adhiraj. Dheeru meets Dada ji, who apologizes for Satrupa’s misdeeds. Dada ji wants to secure Royal Steels. He invites Dheeru for Anami’s birthday. He asks Dheeru to come over and bless Anami.

Dheeru accepts the invitation as Dada ji has himself came to invite him. Dada ji invites his children as well. Dheeru refuses to get Adhiraj there. He doesn’t want Adhiraj to have any other relation with Lal Mahal. He tells Dada ji that he is coming just by the right of a business partner. He respects Dada ji’s words.

Satrupa hires a decorator for getting a new look for Lal Mahal. Anami takes Adhiraj’s advice and checks the dresses to keep Dadi’s wish. Anami takes care of Dadi. She tells Dadi that there is no need to convince her for anything, she will keep her wishes. Dadi understands its Adhiraj’s influence on Anami. Dadi wants Anami to wear a perfect dress. She makes her change the footwear too. Dadi teaches Anami how to walk wearing high heels. Anami finds it very hard. Dadi fills in confidence in Anami. She asks Anami to grace the party with her charm.


Adhiraj gets saddened over Satrupa’s words. He learns about Dada ji’s invitation. He feels sad that Dheeru had turned down Dada ji’s invitation. Adhiraj wants to be part of the celebrations. His sister tells him that Dheeru decided to go in the party alone. Adhiraj doesn’t want Anami’s day to get spoiled. He tells her that Anami maybe waiting for him, and if he doesn’t go, Anami may feel bad.

Sudha learns she has lost the important evidence against Satrupa. She looks for the phone, which she had hidden inside a flower pot. She misses to recover the pot. She doesn’t know how the pot disappeared. She hides the fact that she has no evidence in her hands now. Satrupa worries for the recording. She tries to take pills to relieve her pills. Baldev stops her from consuming the pills. He demands her to share the matter with him. He tells her that he may help her.

Satrupa tells him that she has sent Sher Singh to get Anami back home from Banaras. She fears that Sher Singh has burnt the house and killed Anami’s foster parents. She clears that she didn’t mean to do this, Sher Singh misunderstood her words. She reveals that Sudha has the recording and she is blackmailing her now. Baldev finds hard to believe Satrupa. She asks him to believe her, she didn’t put anyone’s life in risk, she just wanted Anami back. She wants to prove herself innocent. Baldev assures to help her.


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