Simar to take a big decision in Sasural Simar Ka


Avni meets her best friend Rahul. The family accepts Rahul knowing he is Avni’s childhood friend. Avni hides that she loves Rahul. Hema tells Simar that just Rahul can tell her if Avni loves Piyush. She fools Simar. Simar is much impressed with Avni. Simar tries to talk to Rahul and know about Avni. Hema asks Avni to get gifts from Simar. Avni doesn’t agree to her mum. Rahul gets calls from money lenders. He gets worried that he has to pay back loans. He shares the matter with Avni. He wants Avni to give him the jewelry, that can help him end his problems. Avni refuses to give Simar’s gifted necklace to him.

She tells him that Simar has trusted her and given the gift by many hopes. She doesn’t want to disrespect Simar’s emotions. Rahul is worried by her reaction. She feels Avni doesn’t value him any more. He can’t believe Avni has refused to help him. He plans to tell Simar about Avni and his relationship. Avni is in dilemma. She looks forward to marry Rahul, while Bharadwaj family thinks Avni will be marrying Piyush. Hema’s greedy side will be known to everyone soon. Rahul gets angry seeing Avni’s emotions for Piyush and his family. He plans to expose her truth. Simar decides to get Piyush and Avni married soon. She hopes for Piyush’s total recovery by Avni’s support and care.


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