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    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira feels awkward when Dadi blames Naitik of having an affair. Naira doesn’t believe it. She tells Dadi that its just a misunderstanding. She asks Naitik to clear the air. Naitik and Priyanka get questioned. Naitik tells Dadi that she is wrong. Priyanka tells them that its nothing like they are thinking, its just a misconception. Naira believes her and asks her not to clarify further. Dadi gets a chance to insult Naira over her dad’s affair. Naira learns Kartik already knew this matter and didn’t tell her. She gets upset with him. She feels this day could have been avoided if he shared the matter with her. Naira can’t hear a word against Naitik.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Dheeru doesn’t allow Adhiraj to attend Anami’s birthday. Adhiraj argues with his dad. He tells him that he has promised Anami and has to be there on her special day. Dheeru asks him not to make any promises that can upset the people of Lal Mahal. He asks Adhiraj not to take friendship with Anami ahead. He warns Adhiraj against meeting Anami. He doesn’t want to accept anyone from Lal Mahal in his family. Adhiraj determines to attend the party. Avdhoot meets the DJ and bribes him to play the recording in the party. He wants the world to know Satrupa’s true face. He plans to humiliate Anami.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Ishita attends the sangeet and stays close to Raman. Everyone assumes them to be a couple. Raman makes Ishita away once again. Mihika takes her place in Raman’s life. She tries to solve Aaliya’s matter. She asks Ashok to find the money lender soon. Simmi asks Ishita to accept her defeat as Raman will be marrying Mihika any way. Shagun helps Ishita in stopping Raman’s marriage. She embarrasses Mihika in front of the media. She tells the reporters that Mihika is just a gold digger and marrying Raman for money. She ashames the Bhalla Family by her interview, just to create tension in the sangeet. Mrs. Bhalla reprimands Shagun for ruining Mihika and their respect.


    Avni realizes the way to fail Vidyut. She decides to disappear from everyone’s lives, so that Vidyut loses out. She knows Vidyut will have his biggest defeat if she goes away from him forever. She recalls her love vows given to Neil. She pledges to save Neil and their family. Avni doesn’t want to enter the battle to give it an end. She decides to leave the battle ground and make the enemy restless of waiting long. She knows Vidyut can’t take her absence in a good way. Avni leaves the house with a plan. Avni reaches Vidyut, donning a bridal dress, which makes him too happy. She plans to mock her death and trouble Vidyut.


    Shivay doubts that someone is helping Veer in ruining them. He tells Anika that there is an insider in the family, that’s why his bank credentials reached Veer. He feels Veer is disabled and will take time to make his next plan. Veer gets fine and back to form to strike Shivay. He finds Shivay foolish to get him home, knowing he means destruction. Shivay is sure to defeat Veer, who is like a Raavan in his life. He wants to defeat his enemy in his own territory. Obros celebrate their unity. They cook together like before and cherish their moments.

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