Anami and Adhiraj’s special moment in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Dada ji pampers Anami with love. He takes pride to call Anami a part of his family. He declares Anami as the heir of Lal Mahal and Royal Steels. He is sure that Vatsalya’s dreams will be fulfilled by Anami. Avdhoot sends the reporters to ruin down Anami’s happiness by wrong questions. Anami gets embarrassed by the silly questions on her past. Satrupa gets angry on the reporters, who get insulting Anami on her special day. Anami gets speechless when the reporters pass bad taunts on her. Adhiraj reaches Anami to help her out. He asks her to fight back as she isn’t wrong.

Anami gains courage from his words. Satrupa and Baldev ask guards to throw out the reporters. Anami then stays calm and composed to answer the reporters. She answers the stupid questions. She fails Avdhoot’s plans by answering the media. Adhiraj wishes Anami best of luck. Anami gets a glimpse of Vatsalya, who arrives to boost her confidence. He asks her never to change herself or her intentions or her answers. He asks her to always stay the same and speak out her heart.

Anami finds the perfect way guided by Vatsalya. She tells the media about her foster family who raised her with much love and care. She feels proud to get such a luck and wonderful upbringing. She doesn’t feel her past was something to get ashamed of. She takes her life as a blessing. She tells the media that she isn’t accepting from Lal Mahal as charity, its her fate which got her here.

She tells them that she never missed her real family, when she had her flourished family with her, who meant everything to her. Anami proves she isn’t greedy for money or property or relations. Narottam gets in to defend Anami further. He asks the reporters not to trouble Anami on her special birthday. Narottam wishes Anami on her birthday. Satrupa finds Anami’s speech wonderful.

Anami tells her that Murari has always taught her to stand for the right. She taunts Satrupa that Madhu loved her more than her real mum. She doesn’t feel Satrupa loves her. Adhiraj feels happy for Anami. He congratulates and wishes her for her birthday. Satrupa gets angered seeing Adhiraj. Dheeru graces the occasion just for Dada ji’s sake. Anami realizes her feelings for Adhiraj. She finds it the right time to express her feelings. Adhiraj compliments her. She thanks him for coming at right time and supporting her. Dheeru finds them together and close. He turns upset with Adhiraj for not keeping his word and growing his bond with Anami.


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