Sanchi to expose Aisha’s truth in Savitri Devi…

Savitri Devi: Sanchi attempts to cage evil Naintara

Sanchi, Aisha and Veer have a love triangle going on. Aisha doubts that Sanchi is planning something against her. Sanchi wants to expose Aisha. She takes help from her friend. Aisha loses her cool. She asks Isha if Sanchi has sent her to trap her. Aisha and Isha have a confrontation over Aisha’s big lies. Aisha asks Isha to mind her own business. She warns Isha against meddling in her matters. Sanchi learns Aisha’s truth, that she is evil minded and is trapping Veer in love. Sanchi takes a big risk.

Sanchi injects truth serum to Aisha, just for the sake of Veer. She tries to expose her. She learns Aisha’s intentions. She gets a big shock when Aisha tells her that she wants to ruin Veer. She can’t see Veer getting destructed. Aisha admits all her wicked plannings to separate Veer and Sanchi. Aisha wants to run away with Veer’s richness and then marry her boyfriend, about whom she has lied to Veer. Sanchi wants Veer to learn Aisha’s truth. Sanchi makes a plan to save Veer. She can do to any extent to save her love from all problems.


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