Another new enemy gets introduced in Ishqbaaz

enemy Ishqbaaz

Shivay doubts that someone is helping Veer in ruining them. He tells Anika that there is an insider in the family, that’s why his bank credentials reached Veer. He feels Veer is disabled and will take time to make his next plan. Veer gets fine and back to form to strike Shivay. He finds Shivay foolish to get him home, knowing he means destruction. Shivay is sure to defeat Veer, who is like a Raavan in his life. He wants to defeat his enemy in his own territory. Obros celebrate their unity. They cook together like before and cherish their moments.

Omkara and Rudra ask Shivay to make Anika’s valentine’s a special one. Shivay has no interest in celebrating valentine’s. Omkara tries to influence Shivay. Rudra also plans to gift Bhavya. He asks them to suggest him what he should gift Bhavya. Omkara seeks help from Soumya. He asks her to suggest them the suitable gifts. Shivay tells Anika that he is not a teenager or college going guy that he celebrates such days to signify his love. He tells her that their love is over it. Anika gets upset with him.

Veer takes help from Soumya. He plans to strike the Oberois using their biggest enemy. Shivay overhears Veer’s conversation. He understands the new storm knocking their door. Shivay tries to know who is helping Veer. He gets to see Soumya with Veer. Soumya succeeds to trick Shivay. Shivay takes care of Veer. He doesn’t get suspicious about Soumya. Veer plans to spoil the celebrations of valentine’s in Oberoi mansion.

Shivay tries to convince Anika with love. He tells her that each and every day is for their love, and they don’t need to celebrate on any specific day. Anika assumes to be hiding a big surprise by lying to her. She tells him that she understands his move to show disinterest, just to cheer her up with something really wonderful later. Anika expects a lovely gift. Shivay doesn’t have any belief in valentine’s day. Shivay and everyone plan an outing to a temple.

Shivay tells Anika that Veer will be alone at home. He asks her not to worry. Shivay gives the medicines to Veer. Anika returns home to get her phone. She gets to see Veer fit and fine, walking on his feet. She realizes Veer is still playing clever. Veer leaves to execute his evil plan. Anika follows him to know his wicked plan against Shivay. Veer meets Shivay’s biggest enemy. Soumya gets restless to know who’s the person having big enmity with Oberois. Veer reveals that the person is also an Oberoi, who will help him in ruining the family. Anika doesn’t see Soumya. She learns Veer’s plans. She gets to hear about an Oberoi supporting Veer in his plans. She gets doubtful about the Oberoi helping Veer. Anika fails to see the woman making an entry. She gets caught by Veer. Anika falls in big trouble. Shivay learns Anika has gone missing. He gets worried for her and turns suspicious about Veer.

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