Durga to fulfill Yashpal’s dreams in Meri Durga


Aarti and her dad threaten Durga about her family. Aarti’s dad tells Durga that he has kidnapped her family and if she runs in the race, she will lose her family forever. She asks her to go ahead and win the race, along with the death of her family. Aarti asks Durga what will she do of such a medal which she earns by losing her family. They blackmail Durga and scare her. They ask her to leave from the race to save her family. He ask her to choose between her family’s lives or her victory. Aarti tells her that she will lose one of her family member after completing fifty meters in the race.

She asks Durga to take a quick decision. Durga learns her family and in-laws are kept captive, they can face death because of her running. Durga chooses her family’s lives. He leaves the race. The villagers stop her from leaving. They compel her to run in the nationals. Durga gets helpless. She tells them that its about her family’s lives. The villagers assure that they will find her family. They ask her to return for the nationals and not sacrifice the village’s future.

Durga recalls Yashpal’s words. Yashpal’s name, respect and life gets on stake. Durga tries to find some way to leave and reach her family. Aarti and her dad threaten Durga further. They find her back in the race. She tells them that she has taken the decision to run and win to clean the stain from her family’s name. She lays a trap for them by lying to them that she has sent someone to save her family. Aarti’s dad calls his man to secure his plan. Durga learns the address where her family is kept captive. Sanjay tries to free himself from the goons. Durga runs from the stadium to save Sanjay and her family. Durga rescues Sanjay, while he promises to save her family. Aarti and her dad plan the next wicked thing to kill Durga if she wins the race. Durga doesn’t care for the threatening and runs to achieve her dreams and make her family proud. Will Durga win the nationals? Keep reading.


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