Neil to lose Avni forever in Naamkarann


Neil worries that Avni is up to something dangerous. He rushes to Vidyut’s house to stop Avni from committing any crime or risking her life. Avni refuses to marry Vidyut. She ruins his happiness and asks him to kill her. He refuses to kill her as he loves her a lot. She tells him that he can never marry him. He tells her that he will marry her. She claims to just love Neil. She gets insulting Vidyut to instil anger in him. She tells him that she has reciprocated hatred with love and respected relations, while he doesn’t believe in relations.

She asks him to accept the truth, that he doesn’t love her and is just marrying her to snatch her from Neil. She asks him if this is the way he planned to defeat Neil, by using a woman. She tells him that he doesn’t deserve anyone’s love. Vidyut vents out anger on her. Her plan works. She falls inside the fire.

Vidyut can’t believe how the altar caught up fire so quickly. He tries hard to save her. He calls the guards to save her. He makes an escape from the burning house. Neil reaches Vidyut’s house. Vidyut begs him to save Avni. He acts like a coward and saves himself. Neil runs to jump inside the fire, even when DD stops him. Vidyut asks police to call the fire brigade. He sits quarreling with Lord to return with Avni.

Neil bears the injuries and burns to reach Avni. He imagines Avni shouting out to him for getting rescued. Neil faints down. The fire brigade rescues Neil. DD informs Neil’s family about Avni and Mishti caught up in fire. Neil fails to save Avni. Neil gains conscious and goes back in the burnt house. He doesn’t find Avni.

He learns about the dead bodies found. Neil gets Avni’s mangalsutra, but refuses to believe that he lost Avni. He wants the forensic tests to be done. He believes Avni will fight back and come back to him. He tells DD that Avni will keep her promise. The family learns Avni’s death news. Neil waits at the hospital to get the forensic report. He gets informed that Avni and Mishti are no more. The family suffers a trauma with the confirmation. Avni takes a spirit’s avatar to scare Vidyut and make him confess his crime.

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