Piyush’s childish drama to trouble family in Sasural Simar Ka


Piyush is adamant to marry Avni. Prem tries to explain him that this can’t happen. Piyush says if marriage doesn’t happen today, Avni will get away from me. Mata ji says marriage can’t happen in haste, they have to conduct the marriage at the right auspicious time. Hema influences Piyush. She tells them that Piyush is right, marriage will happen tonight, else Avni will become a widow. She lies saying, I have got a sign from Lord in my dream. Mata ji says Simar isn’t here, how can we keep marriage without her. Hema says I have already called the pandit. Piyush threatens of leaving the house.

Prem stops him. He agrees to keep the marriage for Piyush’s sake. He asks Mata ji not to worry, Simar would be coming home. Piyush doesn’t know what’s marriage. He takes it as lifelong friendship. He wants Avni to be with him forever. Bhairavi’s involvement in Hema’s planning will be seen. The marriage track will get big twists. Piyush will be regaining his memory and miss Roshni. He will understand his relationship with Avni.


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