Satrupa’s recording to create a storm in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Dheeru gets upset seeing Adhiraj. He tells Adhiraj that he has proved that his friendship is more important than his dad’s esteem. He warns Adhiraj against Lal Mahal’s cheat. He asks Adhiraj to do anything he wants, but be alert of the back stabbers. Baldev gets into an argument with Dheeru. Baldev wants Adhiraj to stay away from Anami. Dheeru tells him that he wants the same, he wants Adhiraj to make good friends, who understand the meaning of true friendship. Anami calms them down. She asks Baldev to end the dispute at least for Vatsalya’s sake. The family rejoices and celebrates Anami’s birthday in style. They dance together. Avdhoot passes the recording to the DJ.

DJ plays the recording right when Anami cuts the cake. Satrupa’s conversation gets heard by everyone. Anami understands Satrupa had sent the goons to light up her house and kill her foster parents. Adhiraj manages the situation in front of the media. He finds the emotional storm bothering Anami.

Anami stays cool and cuts the cake. She feeds the cake to her loved ones to pretend normal in front of the media. Satrupa feels ashamed in front of the family. She asks the DJ who made him play the recording. Satrupa tries to get the answer. Avdhoot asks the DJ not to tell his name. She then doubts on Sudha. Narottam spies to know who has done this. He doubts on Avdhoot. Anami ends her presentable act and goes out to deal with her sorrow. She misunderstands Satrupa’s recording. She tells Adhiraj that Satrupa’s crime is proved now.


He tells her that anyone would not reveal their crime, the one who recorded the conversation maybe using it to distance Satrupa and her. He explains that Satrupa may not be involved in the fire incident. Satrupa fears of losing Anami. Elders try to talk out the matter and console Anami. They promise to investigate the matter and find the truth behind the recording. They express their belief in Satrupa, while Anami gives her verdict that Satrupa has indeed attempted to kill her parents.

Elders question Satrupa for her words. Satrupa clarifies herself. She tells them that she didn’t mean to kill Anami’s biggest support, her foster parents. Anami holds her responsible for ruining her family. Baldev turns into a savior for Satrupa. He gets Sher Singh home and asks him to testify the truth. Anami asks Sher Singh to admit that he had followed Satrupa’s orders and burnt her house. Satrupa too wants an answer from him. She tells him that she is blamed for the fire incident. Sher Singh lies to everyone. He accuses Satrupa for driving him to light the house and kill Anami’s parents. Anami hates Satrupa even more.


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