Sudha’s overconfidence to sink her in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Sher Singh lies to the family and blames Satrupa for the fire incident. Anami hates Satrupa for killing her foster parents. She gets enraged when Satrupa’s crime gets proved by her loyal man. Baldev shows his trust in Satrupa. He tells them that Sher Singh may be lying, else he would have not run away. Sher Singh hides the fact that Sudha has compelled him to lie to them. Satrupa asks Anami to believe her, she can never command her servant to kill her parents. Anami doesn’t feel like falling in her words again. Adhiraj asks Anami to let him interrogate the matter well, so that he can bring out the truth. He takes some time to reveal the truth.

Adhiraj handles the case. He interrogates Sher Singh to find the real truth. Sher Singh refuses to divulge details. He maintains that he has lit the house on Satrupa’s orders. Adhiraj then beats up Sher Singh to get the truth out. Baldev tries to support Anami. He asks her not to see Satrupa wrong because of her anger. He doesn’t cover up Satrupa’s deeds. He promises to punish Satrupa if her mistake is proved. He asks Anami not to misunderstand Satrupa. He consoles Anami.

Adhiraj threatens to kill Sher Singh, who admits Satrupa’s innocence. He reveals the person’s name who has made him lie in front of Anami. Sudha rejoices on her good fate. She gets the news that Satrupa is being blamed. She gets happy that Anami got distanced from Satrupa once again. Anami wonders if Satrupa faked her love till now. She doesn’t know what’s Satrupa’s truth. Anami fights with her emotions.


Narottam tells Sudha that he has learnt Satrupa’s truth by Sher Singh’s words. Sudha tells him that its good he has seen the truth by his own eyes. He feels there is some secret which is still covered. Sudha tells him that her fate supported this time and she has won over Satrupa. Narottam gets Sudha into his words to make her admit her cunning plan. He praises Satrupa for laying a big plan to get Anami. Sudha then reveals that it was her plan to trap Satrupa.

She tells Narottam that she had planned to kill Anami and her foster family, she had sent her men to lit the house and then got Satrupa’s loyal servant to speak against Satrupa. She explains how she has cleverly framed Satrupa into the crime. She reveals her complete plan. Narottam hates her even more. He feels she is doing injustice with everyone just for taking her revenge. Narottam decides to expose Sudha. Adhiraj learns the culprit’s name and reaches Anami to share the news. Dadi tells Anami that the real culprit will be punished. Adhiraj tells them that Sher Singh has revealed a big thing. He wants to reveal it in front of the entire family. He tells Anami that Satrupa isn’t involved in the fire incident, its actually Sudha’s plotting. Adhiraj arrests Sudha for her crimes.


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