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Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Sahil gets heartbroken seeing Vedika and Gautam’s pre wedding rituals. He loves Vedika. He feels hurt when Vedika chooses to marry Gautam. The tilak ceremony is conducted at Sahil’s place. Badi Amaa welcomes Vedika and Gautam and their families. She does their aarti. Vedika is also unhappy. She is making this compromise so that Sahil moves on in life. She doesn’t want Sahil’s family to get troubled because of her. Sahil doesn’t want Vedika to marry Gautam. He corners himself to avoid Gautam.


Naira gets drunk and arrives Singhania Sadan. Naitik and Naksh get her home from the Dhaba. The family worries seeing her in a drunken state. Naira happily runs around and hugs everyone. They ask Naira if she is fine. Kartik too reaches home in drunken state. He keeps missing Naira. The family gets worried for him. Dadi gets angry that Naira has hurt Kartik’s feelings. Kartik wants to go and get Naira home. Manish makes him rest. Dadi says Kartik loves Naira a lot, and she takes advantage of it. She pities Kartik. She says Naira didn’t even call Kartik to inform them, she just claims to love Kartik. Dadi wants to scold Naira when she comes home.


Woh Apna Sa:
Arjun throws a party to express his love for Jia. Arjun gets angry that Binni had ruined the valentine’s party by her dirty dance. Arjun was going to propose Jia in the party. Binni creates a scene and embarrasses the family. Binni takes drugs and traps the family in drugs case. Jia saves Binni and accepts the blame for the family’s sake. She doesn’t want Binni to get trapped. She knows Arjun will save her. Arjun then gets Jia home. Binni misbehaves with Jia. Arjun slaps Binni. He asks Binni does she want to ruin their family’s reputation. He asks her to leave from the house. He reprimands Binni for getting Jia arrested. He is fed up of Binni’s drama.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

Anami feels guilty to lie about her foster parents’ death. She doesn’t know how to tell the family about her lie. She has lied to the family to secure her foster parents. She wants the situation to change for the betterment of everyone. Anami and Satrupa’s relation will get better. Anami will be seen adapting a new look in the show. Anami and Adhiraj’s love track will begin post the conspiracies.

Piyaa Albela:
The family gets surprised when Naren gets Chandrika and Pooja back. Dada ji finds Naren’s decision right. He blesses Naren. Harish turns angry on Naren. There happens much melodrama again. Naren sticks to his decision. He tells Harish that he has accepted Pooja, he wants to give a chance to Pooja, he will try to understand her. He wants to keep away his suspicions and know about Pooja’s intentions. Pooja is happy that Naren accepted Chandrika with respect. Naren’s shocking behavior change stuns all.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:

Aarohi unites Kalyani and Dilip. She succeeds in her attempts. Maya exposes Aarohi in front of the family. Aarohi slaps Maya and Prithvi. Maya knows the truth that Aarohi is staying as Tara. Aarohi fails Maya’s plans. She shows Maya and Prithvi’s video, where they are seen backbiting about Roma. Aarohi wins the game and secures herself. She plays her move smartly. Deep believes her.

Kundali Bhagya:
Rishabh wants to stop Preeta’s engagement. He finds Sherlyn spying on him. Karan and Preeta’s romance will be seen. Their romantic dance sequence in Preeta’s sangeet will be turning Prithvi jealous. Preeta will realize her feelings for Karan.

Laado 2:
Anushka takes a shocking avatar. She will be taking Amma ji’s role. She has become Bhavani to punish the crime doers. She vows to not bear any torture or injustice. She will torture those men who misbehave or ruin women’s respect. She makes the women vow along. She wants the women to fight for themselves and other women needing their help. The women swear they will not let any woman suffer. Anushka wants to teach a lesson to the cruel men. She has much courage. She gets support from the village women. The women want to get united and raise a voice. Anushka tells them that they will not back off from their battle now. She fills courage in them. She says our fight is against men’s dominance and tortures. She makes the women rebel. Anushka will rebel against Rantej first.


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