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Sasural Simar Ka:
Bhairavi wants to kill Simar and Sanjana. They have to reveal Bhairavi’s truth to the family. Bhairavi and Hema lay this trap to trouble Simar and Sanjana. They are not aware of Simar’s smartness. Simar doesn’t get identified by them. She cleverly reaches Mata ji, Sameer and Prem to expose Bhairavi.

Leela makes Susheel out of the house. Satya starts missing Susheel and realizes his love for her. Susheel happens to meet Satya on the road. Satya doesn’t identify her. He expresses his feelings for Susheel. Susheel hears Satya’s love confession. Susheel didn’t know Satya truly loves her and is helpless because of Leela. She decides to return home and claim her rights in Satya’s life. She doesn’t want to get away from Satya after knowing his feelings. Susheel takes Shiv’s avatar. She gets a procession home. Leela gets a big shock seeing Susheel as Lord Shiv. Susheel takes such entry so that Leela is left with no option than to accept her inside the house.

Avni runs an orphanage. She raises the kids and looks after their welfare. She teaches the kids and takes care of their overall growth. She does everything for them. She accepts her fate. She misses Neil and wants to live by hiding her identity so that she can secure Neil. The ten year leap will add interesting twists to Neil and Avni’s love story.

Shivay plans to test Anika. He tells Veer that he is sure the lady is not Anika. Veer and Shivay plan some tests and also employ Anika’s brother Sahil in their plans. Shivay wants to prove that the lady is not his Anika. They get surprised when Anika proves her identity by passing all the tests.

Piyaa Albela:
Naren takes Pooja to her uncle’s house. He stops midway. He expresses love in his unique style. Naren makes a cute love proposal for Pooja. He threatens her to accept his love or run the car over him. Pooja accepts his proposal. He attempts to make Pooja believe him and his love. Pooja hugs him. She tells him that she knows he is true and knows she loves him. Naren always loved Pooja. He failed to show hatred for Pooja. He is happy that their love won over the hatred. Pooja has been doing everything to get his life. She is hopeful that things will get everything when Naren is supporting her.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Lakshya/Virat and Deep catch Kalyani and present her in front of Roma. Roma threatens Kalyani and asks her to speak up the truth. Kalyani refuses to tell anything. Kalyani had troubled Roma a lot. Roma wants to get revenge. They want to find out Kesari/Aarohi. Virat tortures Kalyani. He goes to give her a wound, but Aarohi in Tara’s disguise stops him from hurting Kalyani. She makes a story to save Kalyani from them.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

Bulbul faces some taunts from Gayatri. Bulbul doesn’t get any colors applied by her family. Bulbul tries to bond with them. Mandira seems upset. Tejaswini asks Mandira why is she upset, like she didn’t wish to marry Anant willingly. Anant is worried for Mandira. He tells Vijay that he feels Mandira’s life is in danger. He shares his worry with Vijay. He wants to secure Mandira, as he loves her a lot. He doesn’t know Mandira has plotted everything.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:
Adhiraj gets drunk. Devi drops him to the room. He regrets that Devi cheated him and left forever. He is in love with Devi. He feels Devi didn’t value him. He feels sorry for himself and cries. Maasa will learn Devi’s truth. She will learn that Devi has married Adhiraj by cheating them. Maasa will not reveal it to Adhiraj soon. She will plan a new drama to insult Devi. Devi tries to clear Adhiraj’s doubts.

Mausi Dadi comes to Goenka house. Dadi is scared of her elder sister. Mausi Dadi senses the problems between Kartik and Naira. She wants Dadi to change with time. She doesn’t want the youngsters to suffer because of Dadi’s old mentality. Suwarna reveals that she has called Mausi home.

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