Kanak and Uma celebrate his earned honor in Tu Sooraj….


Kanak compels Maasi to admit her crimes if she wants to save her son’s life. Uma worries for Aditya, while Kanak stops him from saving Aditya. She asks Maasi to run to the stage and admit all her crimes. Maasi admits that she isn’t a doctor and doesn’t have any medical knowledge. Maasi asks Uma to save Aditya. She tells everyone that she has always given wrong teachings to Uma, she has always asked him to value Dharm and adjust relations in his life. She reveals Uma has done all the research and devoted everything to her. She tells them that Uma is the one who made this medicine and she has just snatched the credit. She reveals how she has stolen Uma’s medicines formulae and earned money.

She accepts her crimes of hurting Uma and Kanak for her greed. Maasi’s crime confession makes her fall in everyone’s life. She asks Kanak to let Uma cure Aditya. Maasi admits she is evil and greedy. She is ready to accept any punishment. She begs Uma to save Aditya.


Kanak calls Paulmi there. She proves Uma’s innocence well. Maasi admits that she had faked Paulmi’s death and got fake evidence to frame Uma. Kanak records Maasi’s confessions. Paulmi shocks Maasi by her entry. She reveals how she has poisoned Aditya. She tells Maasi that she could do anything to save Uma from her evil intentions. She scolds Maasi for hurting Uma. She reveals to the people that Uma is the real doctor, he deserves all the praise. Uma saves Aditya’s life by curing him. Maasi gets grateful to Uma.

Uma gets praised by everyone. He wins the Entrepreneur of the year award, instead Maasi. Kanak gets Uma’s honor back. She cleans her name from all the false accusations. Uma and Kanak have a peaceful happy moment. They thank each other for their support and strength. Uma tells Kanak that its her belief that he could come after Maasi and prove his innocence. He feels lucky to have Kanak in his life. He asks her to always smile. He tells her that he likes her positivity. He decides to make a new start and proposes Kanak. They become the new Diya and Baati. Uma and Kanak return to their home city. Uma wants to change himself and match to the new generation, the way Kanak wishes to see him.


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