Ratan to break his big decision in Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya


Diya and Ratan have an argument. Diya troubles him by throwing off his clothes from cupboard. He gets angry, but doesn’t express anger. They have a romantic moment. They decide to get separated, after having enough taunts from the society. Ratan tries to tell their decision to Kakimaa. Diya stops him from telling Kakimaa. They fail to tell anyone what they decided for their future. Fate has it written for them to live together. Ratan wants to tell the truth that he can’t keep the marriage, he is not compatible with Diya.

Diya asks Ratan to let Yash’s marriage happen peacefully first. She asks him to wait for few days and not spoil the family’s happiness. She tells him that his anger can show his unhappiness, everyone can doubt on their bad terms. Ratan tells her that he doesn’t get angry at all. He asks Diya to do anything, he will prove he doesn’t get angry.

Diya tests his patience. He gets angry and puts a fake smile on face. He asks Diya to accept that her thinking about him is much wrong. Ratan and Diya’s hands stick by the fevicol. She tells him that she will leave from the house once Yash gets engaged after four days. She is not able to keep the relation. She feels Ratan’s decision of divorce is right. They both are tired of their happy couple drama.

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