Meera to distance Uma-Kanak in Tu Sooraj…


Uma meets Meera for the job interview. Kanak has much belief in Uma’s hard work and talents. She tells Suman that she doesn’t need to do anything to win Uma’s heart, as she knows Uma loves her a lot. Uma calls Kanak to same place urgently. Kanak worriedly reaches there. She doesn’t know why Uma called her there. She finds Uma at the edge of a building. Kanak rushes to stop Uma from jumping down. She then finds Uma missing. Kanak worriedly searches for Uma. Uma then meets her. He tells Kanak that he was trying to know how it feels to be at the top of the world. He breaks the good news that he has convinced Meera to accept his deal. Uma makes Meera agree to work with him.

Uma chooses the place to make his grand office and laboratory. Uma shares his dreams with Kanak. Uma and Kanak decide to make a new home. Kanak wishes Uma gets much work and still remembers her. Uma tells her that he will always have time for her. Uma makes a promise.

Some stranger blackmails Payal by playing the telephonic conversation. Purab asks Payal to wait for his next meet to know what he wants. He tells her that he can be her savior and her destroyer as well. Payal gets worried. Meera learns about Uma and his background. She gets interested in him. She falls for Uma. She learns Uma was married and is now divorced. Meera accepts Uma’s proposal and informs him. She demands him to reach her office. Uma makes a quick leave to prove his determination. Kanak misses to feed him the sweets. She wishes him all the best. Uma rushes out alone and leaves Kanak behind. Kanak gets depressed when Uma fails to keep his promise. Uma runs to meet Meera and sign the deal. Uma and Meera become business partners. Uma gets changing and distanced from Kanak.



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