Nisha plans a fatal attack on Jia in Woh Apna Sa


Arjun and Jia have a romantic dance in the party. Kakimaa wanted them to spend some time together. Nisha spikes their drinks. Arjun and Jia get drunk. Nisha’s plan fails when Jia drops the drink sent by Nisha. Jia does stupid things after she gets over drunk. Arjun takes care of Jia. He expresses his feelings to Jia. The tour brings them closer. Jia wakes up after some time and looks for Arjun.

Arjun gets a huge shock knowing Jia is in fatal danger. He runs to help Jia. Arjun breaks open the door and finds Jia hanging down the rope. Jia was signing him not to open the door, which made her lose balance. Arjun tries to reach her. He slips on the oily floor. Nisha played this move to kill Jia. Nisha had been staying close to them as Jhumki. Nisha trapped Jia in the ropes, while Arjun struggles to hold on and reach Jia. He falls again and again. Arjun reaches Jia and saves her. Jia loses consciousness. Arjun takes care for the first aid. He doesn’t want to spare Jhumki, who made this deadly attack on Jia.


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