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Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Sahil celebrates Holi with his family and friends. Sahil waits for Vedika in the holi party. He makes a plan to celebrate Holi with Vedika. He tells Maya that no one can do anything when husband and wife are ready to be together. He wants Vedika to confess love to him. He sends Bhaang drink for Vedika. He asks Maya to feed bhaang to Vedika any how. He thinks Vedika will confess love under the effect of Bhaang. Sahil meets Vedika and gets scolding. Vedika asks Sahil how did he plan to spike the drink and make her confess anything that she doesn’t mean. She gets angry on his kiddish plans. Sahil realizes his plans failed.

Nimki Mukhiya:
Nimki starts troubling everyone in Tetar Singh’s house. She gets naughty as before. She teases Dadi by switching the devotional channel. Anaro gets angry when Nimki proves that she is no less than any storm. Nimki asks Babbu to take her for honeymoon. Babbu gets upset and refuses to her. Nimki stays hopeful to convince him. Nimki has made a rocking entry in haveli after her Pagphere ritual. She plays bold and safer this time.


Shakti: Soumya tells Harman that till girls have someone to love them and keep them happy, their age isn’t known by their face, they stay young by their happiness, their smile and glowing beauty don’t let anyone guess their right age. He tells her that it means her husband doesn’t love her, its been a week now and he didn’t even call her, does any loving husband do such a thing. She asks him what would he do for his wife. He says I would have never done this, I would have stayed with my wife always and expressed love to her by giving her a rose. Soumya gets emotional hearing him.

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki:

Daali hides her love for her childhood friend. She reminisces him. She doesn’t tell anyone about him. Badimaa asks Daali why did she reject all the good proposal. She asks Daali to confide if she loves someone else. Daali denies everything. She refuses to marry anyone. She cries for her friend. Kanhaiya finds Daali in his memories and gets happy. Daali and Kanhaiya yearn for each other. Kanhaiya decides to reveal his identity.

Woh Apna Sa:

Arjun gets a huge shock knowing Jia is in fatal danger. He runs to help Jia. Arjun breaks open the door and finds Jia hanging down the rope. Jia was signing him not to open the door, which made her lose balance. Arjun tries to reach her. He slips on the oily floor. Nisha played this move to kill Jia. Nisha had been staying close to them as Jhumki. Nisha trapped Jia in the ropes, while Arjun struggles to hold on and reach Jia. He falls again and again. Arjun reaches Jia and saves her. Jia loses consciousness. Arjun takes care for the first aid. He doesn’t want to spare Jhumki, who made this deadly attack on Jia.

Piyaa Albela:
Pooja gets injured by Naren’s fault. Naren meets Pooja in the hospital and apologizes to her. She gets deeply hurt that he has cheated her again. She asks Naren to leave. Chandrika gets angry knowing Naren tried to kill Pooja. She slaps Naren. She tells Naren that she is happy that she isn’t related to him. She can’t tolerate anything happening to Pooja. She ends ties with Naren. She makes Naren out of Pooja’s life as well.

Kumkum Bhagya and Kundali Bhagya Holi merger:

Abhi and Pragya will be seen celebrating Holi romantically. Preeta and Karan consume the Bhaang prasad and get influenced. They romance, much to Rishabh’s shock. Preeta and Karan will be coming closer. Rishabh will be learning Karan’s feelings for Preeta.

Neil accompanies KK to the cultural fest. Neil waits for the performances to start. He gets busy in seeing some dances and singing performances. KK gets bored. Neil speaks out his heart to his fans when he is at his radio station. He misses his RJ job since he joined KK. Avni and Neil’s hit and miss will continue. Neil will save the kids from the disaster on stage, but leave before Avni could arrive there.


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