High dose drama with a surprising entry in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz: Celebrations times for Oberois

Shivay and Anika perform in the ceremony, along with the other couples. Rudra and Bhavya’s Raatjagga ceremony is celebrated well, without troubling Veer and Soumya. Omkara and Shivay ask Rudra to think about marriage again. Rudra asks them not to confuse him further. He sticks to his decision. Veer spoils the celebrations by sending a shocking news for Shivay. Shivay learns about the arrest warrant issued on Shakti’s name. He decides to deal with the matter. He arranges a bail for Shakti. He tells everyone that Shakti is the prime suspect in the mills fire incident. The family can’t believe that Shakti is the new suspect now.

Shivay asks Shakti to reveal his presence at the mill that night. Shakti tells Shivay that he doesn’t remember anything. Shivay asks the elders to give him an answer, so that he can help them. Shakti asks Shivay if he really doubts on his dad. Tej asks Shivay to just trust them, they can never commit such a big crime. Shivay tells them that its not a trust issue, but he needs info to keep them away from any harm.

Police lands home to arrest the suspect. Shivay tells them that he has already arranged the bail for Shakti. Inspector shocks them by revealing about the arrest warrant issued against Pinky. Shivay fails to stop Pinky’s arrest. All the celebrations get ruined. Shivay asks inspector not to dare arrest his mum. Inspector doesn’t get scared of his warnings. Anika encourages Shivay to not lose his temper and handle the situation in a calm manner. She reveals that Veer is doing everything to instigate him.


Shivay gets calmed. He apologizes to inspector. He tells inspector that he won’t stop him from doing his duty. Pinky worries for the trouble. Shivay assures her that he is with her. He asks her to answer the questions and end the matter. Pinky gets compelled to tell everything to Shivay. Tej maintains that they aren’t involved in any incident. Pinky tells Shivay that she was with Roop in hospital that night. He tells her that it will be good if Roop gives an statement in her favor. Pinky doesn’t feel Roop will help them. She tells Shivay that she has ousted Roop from home.

Obros secretly try to meet their aunt Roop. They are sure that Roop loves them and will surely help them. They have an emotional meeting. Roop gets concerned for the family. Obros decide to take her home. The elders worry that the truth isn’t sparing them. Pinky is sure that their sons will dig up the matter. Jhanvi tells them that Pinky has done a big mistake by naming about Roop. Shakti worries for the arrest warrant issue. Tej wishes the matter ends soon. Shivay feels Tia can help him in learning Veer’s plan. He tells Omkara that Tia will surely tell them what is Veer upto. Veer suspects Tia to be helping Shivay. What will Veer and Shwetlana do to limit Tia? Keep reading.



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