Harman to end ties with Soumya in Shakti


Harman and Soumya have a romantic dance in the party. Harman then learns Soumya is a kinner. He receives a big shock. He treats Soumya badly. He gets memories of Soumya. He tells her that he hates everything about her. She tries to remind them their love. Harman tells her that he can’t be happy with her, a normal man can never love a kinner. Harman throws Soumya out of his house. He vents out anger on her by not recognizing her. He treats her as a kinner, not his Gulabo.

He asks her to get away and not try to make any relation with him. He gets angry on her and also pulls off the mangalsutra. Harman throws her belongings downstairs and asks her to pack her bags. He tells Soumya that he doesn’t remember her. He denies to love any kinner. He asks Soumya to leave from his life. Harak and Preeto can’t believe what they are seeing. Preeto supports Soumya in the bad times, when the entire family stands by Harman’s side. Preeto has changed her heart towards Soumya. Preeto tries to change Harman’s decision.

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