Naamkarann: Neil’s emotional outburst on meeting Avni


Avni and Neil happen to come to the same party. Avni gets close to see Neil around. Avni tries leaving from there before he catches her. Neil gets too drunk. He then spots her. He follows Avni. After much hit and miss, Neil finally gets to meet Avni. Neil gets surprised finding her alive and takes it as a big pleasant gift from Lord. He gets grateful that Avni is alive. He hugs Avni and cries out his happiness. Avni wanted to stay away from Neil so that he stays fine. Neil asks Avni not to get away from him again. Neil then feels he is imagining Avni.

He asks Avni how did he see her if he didn’t risk his life. He is drunk and feels Avni is just in his memories. He asks Avni where did she go leaving her. Avni gets emotional.

They have a meet, but Neil doesn’t realize its reality. Avni then gets away from Neil. Sunehri asks Avni not to do injustice with Neil when the fate brought them together. Avni sticks to her decision of staying aloof. Neil feels he is visualizing Avni like always. Avni comes home and is happy that Neil is still the same. She gets afraid that Neil will not stay happy being away from her. She feels sorry to give a suffering life to Neil.


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