Aryan’s entry to add much melodrama in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz spoilers

The family plans the Sangeet ceremony of Rudra and Bhavya. Anika and Shivay argue over their choice of music. They keep a musical competition to decide the choice of music that will play in the Sangeet. Anika wins the competition. Anika asks Shivay to accept that he has lost. Omkara and Rudra ask Shivay to dance with them. A little boy makes an entry home. Obros go to meet their stylist. O’bahus find the boy similar to ShivOmRu.

Tia tells Roop that Shivay is the ultimate shield of Oberoi family. She challenges Veer and Roop to defeat Shivay and show her. Veer wants to break the family from the roots. He wants to shatter the family and their lovely bonds. Tia tells them that Oberoi family will stay united as long as Shivay is part of the family. Veer now targets Shivay and his strong relations with his brothers.

Roop tells Tia that Soumya has to wed Rudra. She asks Tia to limit herself and not ruin Soumya’s marriage plans. Tia feels sorry to hide the matter from Shivay, as she has to save Robin and their son. Shivay asks Tia to confide the matter without any worry. Tia gets scared of Veer and Roop. Tia lies to Shivay that she has just come to meet him. He allows her to stay in Oberoi mansion till she wants.

The little boy Aryan irritates O’bahus with the false information about his father. They get into a disbelief that Aryan is son of one of the Oberoi brothers. Anika asks Aryan about his dad, so that she can help him. Aryan fails to name the right person. They get tired by talking to the boy.

Anika shows her belief in Shivay. She suspects either of Omkara or Rudra is the father of the boy. Gauri and Bhavya too have their belief intact in Omkara and Rudra. Anika tells them that someone has sent the boy with some ulterior motive. They try to find out who has sent Aryan and why. They observe Aryan’s mannerisms. Aryan reveals more about his father. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya get more worried to know his resemblance with Obros. Shivay tries to find out about Soumya’s intentions. Tej reveals to Shivay that Soumya has intentions to marry Rudra. Obros get clear about what Soumya wants. Rudra can’t believe Soumya has been cheating him till now. Shivay gears up to tackle Soumya. Tej joins the family back to fight against Veer.


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