A sweet surprise for Raman in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Bhallas bring the baby home and welcome in a grand way

Raman gets on the verge of losing his senses. He feels sorry that he treated Adi like his employee. He wants to accept Adi as his son. He feels he has also neglected his duties as a father. He gets guilty that he has failed to be with his children in such times when they needed him the most. He feels his children would not forgive him. Thankfully, his children know about his illness and understand him. Simmi plants a lady Raina in Raman’s life. Raina blackmails Raman.

Raman doesn’t want his children to leave him. He fears that his family will fall apart. He falls in Raina’s words. He thinks maybe Raina is saying right about their children. He doesn’t want his family to know anything. Simmi knows Raman’s mental state is fragile and he will believe any story cooked up to fool him. She asks Raina to fool Raman into making him commit the murder crime. She feels happy that Ishita is not able to save Raman.

Elsewhere, Bala loses to Parmeet once again, when the latter influences his daughter by his brand new car. Parmeet drops Shitija to school. Bala feels lost and incapable to take care of his children’s needs.

Ishita shockingly discovers a gun in Raman’s coat. She doesn’t get any answer from Raman. She doubts that Simmi maybe wishing to portray Raman as a criminal. She worries for Raman falling in a bad plan. Adi discusses with Aaliya. He feels Raman deserves happiness and needs a big change. He plans to throw a party so that Raman can cheer up. He wants things to be different so that Raman and Ishita can come together. He tells Aaliya that he will tell Raman about company’s anniversary. He wants to show Raman how much he loves him. He decides to surprise Raman with the party arrangements.

Ishita likes Adi’s plan. She doesn’t tell Adi and Romi about Simmi’s motives. Romi asks her to keep the party a surprise for Raman. Simmi is sure that nothing can help Raman now. Raman gets the surprise party. Adi tells Raman about the company’s 25th anniversary, which marks his grand success. Adi feels lucky to have a dad like Raman. He tells Raman that he is the best dad for him, Ruhi and Pihu. Raman feels proud and cuts the cake happily. Raman gets to hear Adi’s positive words about him. Adi tells everyone that Raman has always been a role model for children. Raman gets to hear good things about himself from everyone. Simmi turns jealous. Raman feels guilty to cheat his family. He doesn’t know how to get rid of Raina.


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